Soo Torvald didnt get touch >.>


sure you have to aim but atleast give him a 1 second extra on his missiles, his damage output surpasses caugh caugh most assaults

agree? disagree?

i say atleast 1 second extra max 2


Get a roof, torvald suddenly does less damage than markov.

And the only monster that will literally get completely rekt by torvald is behemoth, due to he being very, very, fat.


Why? They don’t need to nerf him. He has a virtually perfect win rate.


what about goliath or wraith who have to get it to do some damage? Torvald destroys >.>

sorry but less damage than markov… oh your joking :grin: funny


its not a nerf its balancing, markov, hyde, and parnell have to wait for their specials, why should Torvald be special and do more damage and less waiting


I believe in terms of damage he only does more than Markov and gets out-damaged by Hyde and Parnell.


Torvald’s shotgun is kind of crappy when compared to the lightning gun, but of course, we are comparing a projectile weapon to a lock-on weapon.

Also, wraith wrap blast does knockback, hit and run, do that, and torvald will have a harder time dunking u with the mortars.


Then I say increase the cool down on the Shrapnel Grenades to like, 3 seconds. His Mortars are only a problem if a monster isn’t mobile.


First off, Torvald is out damaged by Parnell, and is only a bit higher than Hyde’s. Second, each assault has 2 weapons and a utility item. Torvald’s utility item isn’t his mortar, it’s his grenades. Torvald’s mortar is a second weapon, just like Hyde’s minigun or Markov’s assault rifle. Making him have a long cooldown on his mortar would mean he would do no damage. He would need to reload his mortar and shotgun at the same time, having no other weapon to use while he does. His grenades have no cooldown, but that’s because they do basically no damage and are for adding weak spots.

Torvald’s kit is made so that you are constantly cycling through his weapons. You throw a grenade, shoot the weak spots with your shotgun, then fire your mortars, then repeat (only using grenades when marks disappear). If you add a long cooldown on his mortar, you remove this cycle. You can no longer do it properly because when you swap to your mortar because it would still be reloading, meaning you would sit there waiting and doing no damage.


torvald still does the most damage even with the 10 percent less damage


I think he was a little higher then Hyde, but with the new toxic buff on Hyde he will do more. I mean now people won’t be afraid to just keep putting them down.


He’s the third most damaging, not the highest. @hohoho479 and @xxBAscoobyxx


I just remembered it the other way around I guess. I do remember him posting it but I must have read it wrong at the time.


Lol yeah don’t worry about it must have been the one previous to this that you were remembering but that was pre-micropatch.


Well with the new Hyde buff I think hyde will walk away from Torvald.


I do see it as a lower risk move but don’t think it’ll affect his damage output by much. Plus Torvald did receive a buff as well for his Shrapnel Grenades.


No. Not true at all. Unless the roof is VERY VERY close over torvald it doesn’t help, and guess what? He can shoot it point blank and do full damage while you’re pounding away at him.

That guy needs a minimum range like Macman said is in the title update. He also needs a slight reload speed cooldown.


I think it will affect damage only because most Hydes don’t spam it, so with no reason not to now I just think most people will do more damage with it.


You can only place one at a time


My favorite strategy against Torvalds mortars is to just move. I’m a simple man that don’t bother with caves and the like. Simply moving work wonders when it come to reduce damage from Torvald as long as you are not Behemoth/use rock throw. A shame tough, since I like rock throw.(And Behemoth, ;))