Soo My Evolve Forum Page looks like a blue rose Garden!

they’re undead Jason smurfs?
riding on bunnies?

…I forfeit. D-don’t come near me!

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tbh id be horrified as well

I think we all know who gets the ‘most active forum user’ award.

shes planning a forum take over, she’s more active than even the mods

To be fair, I have two jobs that give me HOURS with nothing to do between clients and demonstrations.

and I’m a college student :ox: and this is an ox!


grumbles… wheres my damn coffee

Where’s my damn coffee? I haven’t had any in ages…Stupid Easter festivities…

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Wait a second… ( crazy conspiracy theory here ) Valve does tours and demonstrations in their studios with clients. Valve’s secret underwater base is located inside the Bermuda triangle. Valve refuses to make a game with three in it. The Bermuda triangle is an area of the ocean with three sides. #Illuminati invasion confirmed.

…And Midnight will start by converting the forums! :open_mouth:

Haha. No, I am not one of Illuminati. They don’t like religious people, and I’m Christian. Or I think (hope?) I am/was. That’s Quirkly’s job anyhow.

yes you are, you just need coffee to realize it :slight_smile:

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Aren’t they a religious cult anyway? Don’t they believe weird stuff like there should only be a small number of us in the planet? Or am I getting stuff confused here?

Jesus told me that I was one of his lambs.


No, they were actually a group of scientists. The Catholic Church had them executed for disagreeing with their beliefs. It’s an internet gag that they survived and are plotting their revenge.

Wait a second… I have found proof!

^.- I can do it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do good? ^.^

Ick. No, I hate meat. Hate it.