Soo My Evolve Forum Page looks like a blue rose Garden!

I might have @MidnightRoses to thank for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Not enough me on that pic. Gotta fix that.


Hehehe…Um, w-well…Oops?

And we all thought @MaddCow was out to take over the world. :smile:

Hush now…Stop telling the humans…

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I know right? Me too.

I’m surprised to see that @Shin and @MaddCow only shows up once in that picture.

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I have a fairly modest appearance myself! :open_mouth:

That’s because they’re both asleep or absent from the forums. And have been for a while. Not seen MaddCow for a fair few hours and I know Shin’s sleeping.

weak is for the sleep atmidnightroses


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Shin is an exception. He is not weak, but he does sleep. Most peculiar.

asleep you say?

just look outside your window…

Please don’t make me…Whenever I catch him staring, he goes nuts. You don’t know the things he does like that.

l know… i found footage

…I’m not sure how I feel about SH anymore…

Also, fun fact: I once looked out of my second story bedroom window and saw a face. I kid you not. Just a face staring at me. I hit the lights and it disappeared. 99% certain I just hallucinated- have done it before, but ya never know. :wink:

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oops sorry midnight you weren’t supposed to see me ^.^

on a serious note wtf :scream:

Meh. I get weird little things like that, they’re more amusing than unsettling now. ^.^

it might be the … looks left and right
######The crazed Butt Stabber
also what do you feel about SH?

Still refuse to go near it after what happened last time… >.>

Ohh Midnight, not fazed by the smurfs with jason hockey masks standing outside your window yet the mannequin is what gets to ya ^.^

Oh please. They can try all they like. No mortal can defeat me.