Soo... How easy is it to corner a Hunter with Goliath? Am I right?


Seriously, not sure how this wasn’t apparent before…

It’s wayyyyyy too easy as Goliath to chase the Medic (or Trapper) and simply maul that person since Goliath has so much knockback. Literally land one ability knockback and just keep on swinging with melee. If you have any armor (or are more than Stage 1), you’re guaranteed to incapacitate that Hunter with minimal damage taken from the team. The more your prey runs, the less damage you take (since others will be jetpacking to catch up). Trapper set down an arena? Awesome! That just gives you plenty of corners to back a hunter into and spam attack, literally pinning them in with no hope of escape whatsoever. That’s awesome.

That’s really the only tactic you need. Just chase the most problematic Hunter and get that easy free kill. Then jump away if you need to, or rise and repeat on the next Hunter (if you have any armor absorbing damage during the first easy kill). That’s pretty awful.


I mean, you could say that it’s too easy with Goliath specifically, but when I do that I can do it with anybody, be it Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith. It’s kind of the best way to win a fight. On the other hand, it’s also very easy to avoid, ESPECIALLY, from Goliath. Because Goliath telegraphs his gap closer (a giant leap) like it’s nobody’s business. Just jetpack dodge to the side.


I get that, but with charge, 3 jumps, and a leap, it really doesn’t matter if you dodge one. The jetpacks (that honestly seem 1970s era) don’t have enough juice to keep up. So instead of immediately being pinned, you delayed Goliath maybe 20 seconds. Won’t make much of a difference.

It was honestly shocking to me how much of a benefit the mobile arena provides for this. It creates so many corners with the terrain, one should be looking forward to it as Goliath. It just provides a free kill on the Trapper, then run away while they revive her (or, if you had full armor, kill another Hunter then reassess).

It’s way too easy. Not to mention the fact that, even when not using this tactic, I’ve not once lost a match as a Monster. Too easy to get away (even when trapped, see cornering the Trapper), too easy to kill Hunters (even before level 3). Honestly, without a few lucky breaks tracking, I’m not sure how or why one would ever lose as Monster. Maybe if you were dumb enough to attack the Assault with his shield up and then Hank projecting a shield onto him.


It sounds like you’ve been playing a lot of games where players are still getting used to their roles. Evolve’s only been out for four days after all :stuck_out_tongue: Keep playing for a month and I guarantee you that it won’t be as easy as it is now.

On a side note, I’m curious as to the following: Your rank, how much time you’ve played, and which platform you’re gaming on.


I don’t know about you but 20 seconds is a VERY long time for assault to be attacking Goliath. I think Accelerant is probably right, your teammates might just not be skilled enough yet to be doing the right thing while you’re getting pounded on.


I’m not sure my rank, been playing since release morning and PS4. I’ve never lost as Monster. Not ever. I simply focus fire one Hunter at a time if I’m stage 2 or 3. No matter what tactics or comp they’ve used, I’ve won. Only time I got close to losing was when I was learning Kraken’s abilities. It’s just too easy to escape a fight as the Monster. Trapped? Focus Trapper, unless Hank and Medic are focusing their attention on Trapper, you get away with minimal damage. If they are, simply take one down and use movement abilities to evade damage til dome drops. Not that hard really, and unless you’ve been trapped in the worst situation possible, you’re taking MAYBE 1/3 your health bar before you can escape and get more armor/evolve.

20 seconds sounds like a lot, but keep in mind you aren’t standing still during that time. You’re using the Monster’s movement abilities to chase the focused Hunter. The Assault is trying to keep up AND deal damage. Not gonna be incredibly effective.

Edit- did I mention if Hank and/or medic are focusing healing, they probably aren’t putting out a lot of damage? So you can stay longer. It’s a lose/lose. The movement abilities of the Monsters, couple with the high crowd control via knock back means you’d have to be pretty slow to die as the monster unless you get caught standing around at Stage 1.


They probably aren’t so great then. All the Hunter team comps have ways to punish you or shut you down for that. First of all, good Hunters are never cowed into corners or tough spots. Second of all, let’s see here: If Hank, Val, or Caira are on the team, they’ll make your life hell. If you somehow manage to corner a good Hank, he’ll barrage at his feet and escape. Same if you corner the others. Good Hunter will avoid fighting indoors for this reason, forcing you out instead. Caira is a tank, and speed boost + self-healing makes her hard to bring down, or to bring down anyone, and Val will tranq you, healburst herself and generally stay alive.

Meanwhile, three Hunters are CCing and laying down punishment on you.

Honestly, this will work great against novice teams, but against competent Hunters you will be trashed.