Sonic the Hedgehog vs Monsters


Will this guy stand any chance vs the monsters?


No. God no. He could run circles around them, but that’s about it.


Just out of curiosity,why Sonic?


rock wall lol


He saws through metal Robots, some of them giant, on a fairly regular basis.

It’s a really weird match-up, but Sonic would win easy.


Sonic’s smart, he could probs see Behemoth use wall once and then learn when he needs to dodge. He could also run up it.


But in Smash Bro’s he has a 50/50 chance of killing a plumber that eats shrooms to grow taller?


Fifth Trapper Sonic the Hedgehog confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also…He kills giant metal robots by running into them. I think he’d take it against Behemoth for sure, Goliath maybe, and not against Kraken or Wraith.


For fun, laughter, joy.


If I was a skilled artist (and I’m not) I’d draw behemoth making the -.- face while sonic ran around him


Lets do this death battle style and analyze there strengths and weaknesses! Btw I would love to see a death battle involving the monsters in evolve


I don’t deal with the franchise; so let me put it bluntly: No.


Give him some boxes with ablities ( ) and maybe he might stand a chance. Hell, he took on a giant monster in a city that spams abilites. ( )


People underestimated sonic greatly. This thing can run at the speed of light, and running at light speed is a big deal for something that has mass. Basically sonic will have infinite amount of energy and be able to freeze time. No way are monsters a match for it.


HAVE YOU SEEN his werehog form


we already have sonic in evolve


Well he would be able to catch any monster at stage one.


lol, I never realised the similarity.


Ok here the breakdown

  • Fastest thing alive
  • Moving at that speed even his measly mass is going to hit something with the force of a rail gun.
  • if him being a bullet wasn’t bad enough im sure he could reach speeds upwards of 1000000000RPM now that will cut through a monster like butter
  • Super sonic nuff said
  • His primary form off offense bounces him off his target making him super evasive


  • |Rock wall wont do squat to sonic as well at that speed he will simply pass over it before it forms.Or he would smash through it and i think it safe to assume that if he can run at light speed and not be torn apart by the friction of the air or break his legs due to the impact on the ground he could plow straight through with no ill effect

  • Tongue grab well it would be way to slow

  • Lava bomb Same issue here as tongue grab its way to slow even if it does hit him once again at that speed he will smash it to bits.

  • Fissure This skill has some merit as im sure it would cause tremor which could knock sonic of balance long enough for a pounce but sonic could jump over it so dont think its a 100% chance of help i would say maybe a 25% chance to catch sonic the wind up is pretty large


  • Rock throw with some amazing leading of the target he may score a hit sonic has terrible breaks i once saw him skid round the world trying to stop Goliath could score a hit but if sonic just kept his momentum he would plow through

  • Leap smash No chance need i explain it.

  • Fire breath Pretty sure sonic could spin fast enough to create a localized vacuum so assuming he can hold his breath for the duration hes good

  • Charge pretty sure Goliath would come of worse from a head on collision with sonic as even though he has greater mass he has no where near the speed also sonic could just jump over him


  • Aftershock way to slow

  • Vortex Im working off the assumption that this a blast of air so were working off the spinning vortex idea again

  • Lightning bolt With some amazing target leading and prediction sonic is dead

  • Banshee mines with clever placement sonic will round a corner and run straight into one sonic is dead


  • Warpblast Way to long a wind up when he arrives at destination sonic will simply hop over

  • Decoy Its just to slow

  • Abduction With some crazy target leading it could lead to the possibility of a pounce

  • Super nova Lol need i explain the uselessness of this one

So i would say sonic would waste every monster except Kraken who would stand a decent chance of winning. All my tests assumed sonic had 0 rings just to keep it fair as with even a single ring he is immortal


you forgot about his werehog form and how in his werehog form he stretch his arms and beat-up monsters 10x his size