Somewhat darker Aviary


Guys, did you recently changed Aviary?


Do you have pics from before?

I don’t recall any changes to the lighting.


No, I don’t.


That is most definitely darker. Huh.


It could either be your imagination or your brightness.


Definitively. I used mind controlling and forced others to eat magic mushrooms and lower brightness on their PC as well.


It looked cool though. I wouldn’t mind having darker maps with spectacular lighting.


There seems to be more dynamic lighting. The shadows really show this.


This is how Aviary always looks for me, if I stop to look at scenery that is.


Aviary always look like this for me when clear weather is activated.


I never noticed it. Must be different on each platform.


It was not.[quote=“Shunty, post:11, topic:83902”]
I never noticed it.
Neither did I or my teammates.


i was just playing customs last night with “fair weather” on and it looks just like this. fair weather or storms happen randomly so its entirely possible to get this online but storms are more frequent to me anyway.

definitely not clear skies tho, unless there wasnt any agressive wildlife (minus mammoth birds)


But you can’t have storms in Aviary. And I never ever saw Aviary like this.


They’re right though, a dark foggy atmosphere is Aviary’s storm equivalent to the sand storms in Armory or rain in Refueling tower.
Or it’s the fair weather version. Idk. Definitely one of those 2.


This has happened before, the shaders were all screwy for me but this was way back .-.


This was June 24th last year, if my screenshot date is right. I had an AMD Card as well, …I think.

I also reported it way back. Derp.


This looks identical to the pics above.


Prolly cause it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

It happened on the Dam as well as far as I’m aware.

(That’s the Dam, right?)


Yep, that’s the Dam. Change the topic to Bugs then?