Somewhat Awesome Games aka Rob is on Ps4


OMG the one and only awesome Rob has join the Ps4 Community O.O
I hope i can Show him my love to Gorgon and Lennox in a custom match sometime

Now we need Grizzlemarine on Ps4 and i will be the happiest Girl in Evolve on Ps4 xD


:skull: interesting very interesting i wonder will he run into those who use the comps that offer the most success.


I’m so happy! I’ll try to send him a friend request.


Waw cool

I’ll have to investigate.


I am pretty sure grizzle said he won’t get a ps4 but maybe we can get him in here and see I know it was in the video when he said he got evolve for pc and was talking about tier 6 and some frog in his livestream @GrizzleMarine I really hope it doesn’t bother to tag you in here I don’t have access the youtube right now to answer what you said exactly I have failed a devoted fan :sob:


also I am pretty sure robs psn is somewhat awesomer


He’ll get owned on PS4 the standards are higher on Evolve hehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LoL investigate what! a crime scene…?


Sherlock Stavig!


I think torvald wouldn’t be Sherlock more of a terminator xD



it does fit him nicely tho xD

when he arrest criminals he says this your your fate DOOM!!

his jail would be the prison of doom

and he would change his last name to be detective doom


I have always mained Evolve on Xbox but am slowly moving to PC since I find that a mouse really increases the skill cap in game. I would love to play on PS4 as well but as you can imagine getting a PS4 just for Evolve is a little pricey.

If I could stream I would likely consider it more because it’s 100 times easier to play with members of the community but my internet is garbage. :frowning:


I always figured he had it on PS4 tho, too? Or maybe I’m thinking of GhostRobo.


[quote=“xDaRkNeZzChAoSX, post:1, topic:83882”]
Now we need Grizzlemarine on Ps4 and i will be the happiest Girl in Evolve on Ps4 xD
[/quote]there is your answer guys that is why GrizzleMarine does not have a ps4




Hey, hey! I haven’t watched GR since launch days, and I’ve stuck with SAG the whole year, so no need to kill me for it, jebus.


it is not that the name of GR makes me feel pissed


I figured that, but there’s no need to hiss at me over a mere mention.


it was a joking hiss :wink: not harsh feelings