Sometimes you will load into a match with the free character of the week without selecting them


So this has happened to me twice. Both times I was in a party with my brother.
I selected gorgon, and then after selecting all my perks and everything the game started to load. When it went to the screen that shows the VS image, it said Goliath vs and then all the trappers. And then, when I loaded in, I was Meteor Goliath. So it was a little weird that not only I loaded in as a completely different monster then what the vs screen showed, but that I also loaded in as something I never chose. I didn’t really make the connection until it happened again. This time I was playing as a medic. I selected Lazarus. this time the versus screen showed all the correct characters I think, but when I loaded in I was Ciara (this weeks free character)

Pretty weird bug I think


I believe that problem was just fixed:



Yep! It was just fixed so

HAPPY HUNTING… as a character you actually picked lol