Sometimes I wonder if the wildlife should be more aggressive and tougher


…then people won’t feel so bored chasing the monster, it would break up the hunt with more bits of combat here and there. Maybe the elites could be like mini bosses rather than bullet sponges, with an additional attack that their non elite variations don’t have.

This isn’t something that could be done for Evolve, but if there were a sequel turning up the wildlife ferociousness could make it a bit more exciting for the hunters and possibly give the monsters a bit more of a break or make them choose their targets more carefully.


To the monster yes, to hunters, no. Why do the Nomads, Tyrants, Sloths and Armadons target hunters first if the monster is there as well? Why does the wildlife feel more threatened to tiny humans than huge monsters?


Because those tiny humans pack a punch and are easier to kill.


I think that would be cool. At the moment, falling into a wildlife earns you a few “look down you noob” statements.

I really wish that wildlife could have more AI complexity. Have Blitzleopards that actually stalk the hunters… but sadly, the game is so fast paced that I don’t see much of a chance of this. Hunters move at super human speeds, with jetpacks that propel them out of danger with relative ease. This detracts from any natural elements that the world can provide significantly, and lead to rather overbearing assault attempts from wildliife (that feels unbelievable, but has to be so in order to catch a jetpack wearing speed demon)

My wish list:

  1. Better programmed herbivores. That would actually graze and look like it’s doing something other than waiting to run from you.
  2. Better programmed mammoth birds… that look like they’re doing something other than being placed where they can zap you for no reason.
    2a) An actually code that detirmines when they plan to zap you.
  3. Blitzleopards with actually hunting mechanisms.
  4. Ambushing creatures from bushes and otherwise.

Vs. the monster can be kinda difficult… Most of these small predators (Like packs of trapjaws) shouldn’t even be considering taking out a monster… But one of the biggest disappointments would definitely be the lack of graphic combat between Tyrants, Sloths, Armadons, etc. vs. the monster… I would absolutely love it if these things had a more “epic” combat vs. the monster. And by epic, I don’t necissarily mean “time consuming”. I’d like these creatures to have abilities of their own specifically for monster combat.

For example: Armadon,
It has an armored carapace. Should it find itself being leap smashed or rock slammed, it would go into a “defensive stance”, reducing it’s incoming damage. Should it get power melee’d while in defensive stance, perhaps it should get flipped on it’s back and be stunned for duration until it rights itself.

Mega Mouth:
If it’s being attacked from range, perhaps it could/should use it’s tongue to “yoink” a monster from the air giving it a fighting chance. It should try to grapple the monster in it’s mouth, denying movement and attempting to “chew” it’s way through the monster (Breakable through melee striking it a few times).

For a dangerous water creature, it really doesn’t DO much. How about if it gets a monster in melee, it drags it into the water and death rolls with it. Melee a few times to escape.

Just little things that can make these fights more interesting, and challenging, without just padding hitpoints.

Easier snacks than the monster.


There is no feeding for the wildlife if the monster is still alive, after wildlife kills hunters, the wildlife creates food for the monster plus he becomes food himself. Do you really think he’ll eat stressless with a monster around? Monster is above the foodchain. Common sense.


I think making wildlife more dangerious to both would be awsome. If tyrants could near chase off a stage one by itself it would be sweet.