Sometimes i wish i could roam on Shear has one of the monster without restriction


i don t know about you guys but sometimes i wish i could be a monster that hactches from an egg and like kills and gros to stage 3 but without (or with) fightinng the hunters and just roam all the maps

Who else wants an exploration mode?

Free Roam mode would be fun. I like to explore but even with settings in my favor the Monster bot or Hunter bots always crash my party.


Go in Solo, set up a custom game, set time to 40 minutes, get to Stage 3 and enjoy.


i wish to roam ALL of Shear, i played this game enough time to remeber all the maps and all, of course in hunt it s different but when i wanna chill as a stage 3 monster the maps become small in my eyes, i want freedom and shit you know, like an open world mode


No walls, fuck I could travel to China if I wanted to. My Goliath would be like frickin Godzilla