Sometimes I think about an Evolve Spiritual Successor


How cool would that be? Fans making their own asymmetric multipler game? Make it our own with a new theme, new characters, a new story, updated mechanics and new ones altogether.
Then I remember the fact that it takes a crap ton of work to make an online multiplayer game. And a crap ton of money to keep servers up for said game. And a crap ton of work to make the game and the infrastructure it rests upon.
Maybe I should stick to singleplayer games for the time being.


Depends on what you mean by “servers” you CAN make MP work on TCP/IP, but its unsecured and ancient infrastructure.

Yes, yes it does. Especially if you’re doing the bulk of the work by yourself.

On the topic of an Evolve successor, I can’t think of any games that do Evolve’s or even L4D’s premise as well as these respective games, its a real shame, because I really want to see similar things like this. Imagine playing as a Dark Souls boss against the player.


Nah mate,there will be no Evolve spiritual successor because i strongly believe the concept of Evolve is flawed.I have 3 major thing that cause backlash
However,TRS is still there and i do believe they next game will be swell,i’m not bashing Evolve or TRS,but that just how it is imo


If I was to make an asymmetric game, it probably wouldn’t be 4v1, that causes too many issues with players wanting that 1 spot, or fun levels.
It would be an even 4v4 (or equivalent) but the 2 sides play differently and have their separate goals. One side is trying to kill the other while protecting something, while the other team is trying to destroy something or kill the other team, but killing a full team would be quite challenging.


I always thought two things would push the premise.

Just thoughts, not fully fleshed out.

1: make it more in the vein of monster hunter, different areas to chase the monster around, and maybe even set up more elaborate traps.
Balancing would shift completely I understand, and adding more sections to hunt in would help the “running simulator” truthers out there. Still a quaint notion though.

  1. If the first wasn’t applicable, maybe have 3 monsters, and 3 hunter squads.
    Have each start out in cut off areas that once a monster or squad is beaten, would open up the next area so that a monster could help or surviving hunters could help.

Again it would shift the game balance wise massively, and would add time on.

These were just ideas I had and have discussed in the stream chat many times.

I don’t even know if they’d be fun or good, just thoughts.


I think Vermintide (Despite it’s flaws) was a solid coop 4 player game.

I think a game like this would be better with more players. 4v4 with several objectives and offense/defense don’t work that well unless it’s a small arena type game. There was a half life mod a long time ago called science and industry. You had some people stealing science, other players killing and other players defending. It didn’t ever get super popular but was a lot of fun.


My personal thoughts on this are that, Evolve could be perfected by giving both the Hunter and the Monster sides their wish fulfillment.

The Monster always wishes they were impervious to small arms fire and could smash things super quickly.
The Hunters always wish they were bad ass and had a ton of things that could hurt the Monster.

So without going into too much detail, my thoughts on an Evolve successor would be:

  1. The Monster is invincible against all Hunter weapons. The Hunter’s weapons are instead used against wildlife and environmental objects, used to trigger things, etc.

  2. The Monster is “always smelling”. You’re in the Monster’s world. It detects heat at a certain radius at all times, so if you just go after it? It’s like it has eyes on the back of its head. BUT! the maps have generators and other heat generating sources that can be used to confuse Monster players who rely on it too much. BUT! if same Monster player cannot see you elsewhere? You MIGHT be near the generators.

  3. The Hunters rely on Titan-like small-size mechs to actually hurt the Monster. Since the Monsters sense heat signatures, your Titan-mechs are more “visible” the faster they move. You can low-power them or shut them off and disembark to effectively “hide” from the Monster unless you are in direct line of sight.

  4. Environmental traps and weapons do the most damage to the monster. These can be anything from massive reactors to turret systems, things that call in air strikes,etc.

  5. Hunters that have lost their mechs or are otherwise caught in the open die from a single Monster hit. Hunters re-spawn but their Mechs do not.

  6. Win Loss conditions. I’d also change it up. There should be 4 end-match states:

A) Hunters Kill the Monster - Bonus Points for Hunters
B) Monster Kills the Hunters - Bonus Points for Monster
C) Hunters Escape the Monster - When at least one Mech has been lost a set of Escape Objectives activate. The Hunters therefore have a choice to make: Continue fighting the Monster, or start working to escape. A successful escape rewards small bonuses to the Hunters and a slightly larger bonus to the Monster as a reward for fighting them off. (Hunter players see “Monster Evaded” sceen, Monster player sees “Hunters Driven Off” screen)
D) Monster Escapes the Hunters - When the Monster has lost 25% of its hit points, a set of Escape Objectives activate for the Monster. The Monster therefore has a choice to make: Continue to fight the Hunters, or start working towards an escape. A successful escape rewards small bonus to the Monster for having evaded the Hunters and a slightly larger bonus for the Hunters for fighting it off. (Hunters see a “Monster Driven Away” screen and the Hunters are like ‘Well… it was more scared of us.’, while the Monster player sees a “Hunters Evaded” screen that implies the Hunters are frustrated at being unable to kill it).

Why Evolve is deserted?

Yeah 4v4 was just using a familiar number.
My my fond idea for a game like this would be set in a World War style setting where dark creatures lurk in the wilderness and attack humans and creatures. These creatures of sin would be similar to creatures of myth (think tiny dragons , not human or corrupted human monsters).
What it boils down to is 2 teams, one consists of human characters trying to kill these creatures, the other the monsters trying to complete an objective.
Kind of reminds me of Nosgoth actually.


Evolve will come back… maybe another year or two… :slight_smile:


Man, I like Vermintide, but the lack of support it gets on consoles mean that the game is more or less dead on my platform.


I’m really hoping they learned a thing or 5 and do well with Vermintide 2.


You and me both, mate.


“Sometimes I think about an Evolve Spiritual Successor”
… so I decided to pit chipmunks and squirrels against each other.


I once watched a bunch of ants fighting a cockroach.

I was reminded of good times. :stuck_out_tongue: