Something to remember for the title update


One thing I havent seen anyone talking about is the fact that we might be seeing the next monster variant with the Kala title update. By that I mean we may see it in the leaderboards, and maybe even some hunter variants depending on how they are being released. So be sure to look out for that on tuesday (If the update is actually on tuesday)


The prophet has spoken


Ahhhhhh. You spelled it right before!


I derped hard


Actually we should only see the kraken adaptation in this update. Possibly.


Thats what I thought, but you never know.


What happened to your regular?



I dont know 0_0. I guess I just lost it, since I had it yesterday.


"Crusher of wizard dreams"
Guys The kraken may not come…if…if you see why I’m saying


That has to be your favorite Gif ever.


I was just saying that.


That’s in reference of something else.


Popcorn everywhere!


Yeah… In every thread with speculated DLC there she is with the popcorn.


She’s masking everything with popcorn, she has all the flavours; Sugary sweet popcorn in some threads, Salty popcorn in others, and then even some disgusting scandinavian red herring popcorn in a few other topics I imagine.




I’m dreding the Kracken adaptation as the vanilla 1 is already a bloody nightmare to deal with!!


I dont mind Kraken as much as I used to. I think I used to hate him so much that it just burned the hate out of my mind.


People talked about the Kraken adaptation here and on the fan adaptation threads that nobody pays any series attention to. That’s probably why we haven’t seen many people talked about it.