Something questionable in resent patch


As I’ve been reading through threads about resent patches, I’ve found something weird.

According to devs, these were the win rates of hunter and monster before 2.06 depends on size of hunter party. This was when hunters were getting

These buffs.

Now after 2.06, hunters are getting,

These buffs, to adjust

These parts of win rates, which I understand(EDIT: by understand I mean agree). May I question though,

Why are we missing adjustments for this part?

This is the part I want to get answered from devs.

To players, I just want to refresh the fact that the Golaith buff was about +7% on his skills. That has put him from mid-bottom to top tier now. Now the buffs on all hunters has been considerably risen. Monster players who are feeling embarrassed after 2.06 are feeling so because they actually feel the difference, and I do too. It’s not placebo effect.

The new map’s been discussed a lot, so I’m sure they will change it. This week has been unpleasant though, so this week I haven’t been playing Evolve as much as I used to because of new map. I’m not sure that I will love playing Evolve as I did before, until 2.08 at least. Will love hunt beta maybe.

p.s. I’m was surprised how many people agreed on ‘change the map’ reply days ago when I mentioned OP map. We all know that it can’t be done alone, and it rarely happens even if you vote.


Probably because there are monster changes that aren’t far off release (monster passives) and it doesn’t make sense given the data they have to change monsters out hunters right at this stage.

Please remember as well that the dev in that thread said that these were high level stats and that they break this down many more ways before making decisions on changing the solo buffs. It’s about more than that one graph!


If they are going to buff one side for a reason, they need to do the same on the other side if it’s having the same problem based on same reason. Why does it not make sense when the win ratio difference between monster and hunters are about same at 2-team hunters and 4-team hunters? (The amount of difference.)

I am very interested in this because I consider myself a high level player as I am being matched with a lot of players who have more than several hundreds of playtime, most of who are with premade team now. I understand that one graph can’t explain everything, but this is the tool one of devs’ been trying to explain the system with. I would gladly accept any other digitized datas if it can explain it better, but the graph was what I got atm so I posted it.

These hardly explains anything to me… It’s like I’m asked to be blinded tbh.


They are trying to explain the system, that doesn’t mean they are going to give all of the many different ways they assess the data out in graphs to explain it to us, they have better things to be doing with their time.

Realistically the thing to do is trust that the devs are working on this as they say they are, and not presume despite the actual things they are saying that there is some illuminati conspiracy


Wait, hunters get buffs for the number of players they queue with?


Are you kidding me? That’s horseshit dude! Why!? That is literally the worse possible change! That’s worse than still getting a strike when dead after being Laz revived! How did I not know about this. Now I get why so many people find playing monster frustrating. And where is the balance there? So if 3 players get matched with another, that solo player will just be stronger than the rest? THAT MAKES 0 SENSE!


I actually respect that patch because single hunters have less communication, and communication is everything in Evolve. I’m just wondering why win ratio of certain area is getting ignored atm.


Players that are not fully premade have lower win rates, do they get buffs to make up the difference, at the same time hunters have been getting nerfed to ensure fairness at the premiere level. It makes absolute sense from the perspective of trying to eliminate the variable of lack of teamwork via conditional buffs. It also makes sense from the point of view that it is making win rates more consistent regardless of part sizes in the lobby.


I don’t know what’s up with illuminati conspiracy. I just want you, or anyone, to consider it properly.

Is it the best to just sit and wait? We can’t have questions or ask for systems and just get muted? Forum is for communication, and that what I want between us.


Up there, by understand I meant agree. I have no prob with these adjustments on single ~ 3-member hunters. I agree with devs on this. I wanted to discuss about the ratio of second picture, which doesn’t seem to get a lot of adjusments on 2.06 compared to the another.


I just don’t understand the opinion that says until the devs explain everything in minute detail that people will question them, as if we from a position of never being able to see the bigger picture, with our singular subjective view points, are the right people to assess the veracity of the claims the devs make.

The devs explained their system, why they do it, and evidenced that in broad terms it is working. This should be enough. Maybe you don’t realise it, but anything else comes off slightly disrespectful as you are basically saying “sure, you say that, but I don’t believe you yet”. Just believe them, they really don’t have a reason to lie about it, and as I said above they will always have more data than we will ever be able to comprehend :slight_smile:

I don’t mind that you’re interested in more information, if that is all it is, I’m just disappointed you presented it as if the devs aren’t doing what they say they’re doing :wink:


No, they don’t. People aren’t very clear on this- hunters only get buffs in randoms.

You won’t get them if you’re in a team.

So this really changes nothing. Pubbie hunters are a tad faster and stronger but they’re still shit without communication.


I think the graph’s a pretty nice indicator that it’s worked out well. Given pubs a better chance, but the only time monsters start losing is against teams.


I understand their overall thoughts on patches as I’ve already read them, and I agree with most of them. One thing I really liked about 2.06 was that they actually posted their thoughts with patches, and I appreciated it. On the thread explainning solo benfits system however, they explained plans on how they will resque individual hunters, but not how they will adjust balance between 4-hunter team and monster. Is it not natural to think that they may have less concern on full hunter team balance compared to the others? I had no intention to be disrespectful. I’m not saying that they are not doing as written. I’m just asking for the missing part of thread which can be easily filled. Even a slight idea on how they are planning to adjust balance between 4-hunter team and monster. Is it too much to ask?