Something is wrong here [Issue resolved completely]

  1. I seem to be losing everything, all the hunters and behemoth that I purchase I can not use, they are locked. Also all the skins I won from community challenged are gone.
  2. Whenever I try to leave the game, it freezes and continues to play the music.
    •yes I do have wifi/internet connection
    •no my laptop is not possessed
    •no my laptop is not part of the illuminati
    •yes I would like a quick response


What kind of laptop do you have? Does it meet the minimum requirements for playing the game? Because those sound like 2 different issues.


It was made for evolve so yes. The issue just started today


It has NVIDIA GEFORCEon it and it’s an Hp Envy


It’s either a My2k server issues or a demon is possessing your PC. If splashing holy water doesn’t fix it then it’s a server issue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I can help with one of the issues. For the skins/characters, open steam, uncheck boxes, launch game, close game, check boxes, then your stuff should be back. If not, then you need to consider that it is Illuminati.


Molto obligato


Fire works on laptops well


Oh but what about the community skins


Should reset with the rest of things. If not, then you’ll have to connect to the server to let it verify that you did unlock them and allow you to use them in-game.


Much obliged


Of course.


I restarted my router hoping it would work to, failed. So until this is fixed I cannot buy gorgon ;-;. Also can’t use the mighty gobi, or any of the challenge skins…so…if it doesn’t fix…I basically lose everything. Please don’t let this happen.


If all the other things have failed, try opening the in-game store and try to buy all the stuff you’re missing, it should take you to the in-game browser and say you already have it purchased.


Having kind of the same issue here.

Bought both hunting season pass and played totally normal until today

Summing up, I logged on, got into a match and noticed that some characters were locked due to lack of mastery on the char before that one (i.e. Griffin because I have never played Maggie), and also all the DLC characters.

Tried the “open steam, uncheck, launch, close, check, launch” and nothing.


Maybe it’s some sort of network issue in the region…


PC may just be having issues again. PS4 didn’t have it, I had access to everything and I haven’t checked my PC version today.


Hm, hopefully this is it. Thanks for the help though


In game store takes quite a lot of time to load, I think I’m going to assume server issues for now. Thanks

Edit: Also noticing a crash everytime I try to close the game. Adding some hints just in case


Well I just started mine and had this issue. I resolved by hitting multiplayer and waiting for it to load. Then going back to main menu and hit custom match and had all my stuff: Bob, all the skins I bought, and everything I unlocked.