Something is seriously wrong here with GPU Memory usage

So i have three 4gb 680s and am running at 2560x1440. Anything above medium settings instantly shoots my memory usage to 4gbs, maxing out the cards. Im having a very hard time believing that three 4gb cards cant handle this game on high settings. Something is wrong here turtle rock.

System Specs
i7 3930k @ 4.5ghz
Three 4gb 680 GTX tri sli
16gb ddr3 1600hz

I don’t know what you’re doing, but my single 970 is running pegged at 60fps(vsync) at 2560x1080 with max settings. I’m seeing approx 2.7-3gb of vram usage with TXAA

Also, did you install the new SLI driver from Nvidia posted yesterday?

yes i have the new drivers installed.

now the fps might look fine, but when you play with your memory usage maxed out, it causes horrible drops in usage. as seen here.

also, g sync does not seem to be working.

Out of curiousity, have you tried disabling 1 or 2 of your 3 GPUs? Because i’m seeing nowhere near that much memory usage on my 970. Perhaps there’s some overhead associated with SLI?

I’m also running at higher settings than you are.

I’m seeing it max out at 3.5gb of VRAM usage and never ever dipping below 59FPS with VSYNC on.

I’m never seeing any stutter, lag or other indications of performance degradation even in the most furious of fights.

same issue even with just two cards. things were even worse with just one card.

there has to be some sort of memory leak or something going on here.
there is no way this game is maxing out 4gb cards, especially multiple 4gb cards.

it is the resolution of the textures and such in use in the game, nothing “wrong” with it. the buy posting his res uses a MUCH lower resolution than you ultimately. Having said that, 2GB of VRAM will net medium textures max everything else @ 1920x1080. you need 4GB for maxed out, being your resolution is much higher than that, you need more than 4GB, if you had a 8GB card you’d be fine, there is a REASON they exist.

Get used to this too, as this is going to get much worse this year for more and more games, DX12 will help you in SLI but that is far too complicated to get into on a game forum post right now, nut until then, you will need more than 4GB VRAM for your rest on a lot of the high graphics games this year, and definitely next year for most everything.

Side note: GTX690 user here, know what you’re going through, only worse due to 2GB card running 1920x1200 haha