Something is missing in the new patch update


Did I miss it? I’ve looked through it twice.

Is the body glitching through the map NOT going to be fixed YET again? How long until this gets fixed, or even acknowledged? It happens when you play with Lazarus and your teammate dies. What’s the point of having Lazarus to resurrect teammates if you can’t even access the teammate?

This happens on the PS4, fwiw.

And spare me the “Don’t play as Lazarus” response. He’s a character that is fun to play with. If we like using him, let us use him.


Yep, it’s incredibly frustrating.


Procrastination of Turtle (((


I haven’t had this happen to me too much recently. I’ve been getting hit with the “body teleporting 200 meters away” bug and that one is even more annoying, personally. By the time you get there, someone else is down and I have to rush back only for the Monster to have eaten the body already. /:


I’m crossing my fingers for this to be in the title update. It may never get fixed, if the bug is big enough.


Have you ever considered that this may not be the easiest bug to solve?


See that requires a modicum of thought or effort.

…It has been acknowledged…A lot…

And on PC and Xbone.

That I will agree with. Amen.


Wider bug fixes cannot be made in these micro-patches or hot-fixes, especially for consoles. Any future bug fixes are most likely to be contained in the major “title updates” that take weeks and weeks to get through various certification processes.