Something I noticed

So I saw something strange on a Behemoth in Hunt. I forgot to record, so I replicated it in solo.

Does anyone else notice the black smoke billowing out of Behemoth’s back?

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That’s odd -.^ I haven’t seen that in PS4 games. It’s possible it’s from the laser…? On the tut video it shows that the monster should have a burn animation, although I haven’t noticed this in PS4 games.

I’m pretty sure it’s smoke from fire. When Jack hits the Monster I think it lights it on fire and causes that particle effect.

If that’s not it I have no idea why he’s smoking.

Maybe just very bad steam? O.O
But yeah, never noticed it >.<

Jack’s never done that before in any of my games, no matter if I’m playing Jack or the Monster.

Also, I don’t think lighting the monster on fire makes a giant cloud of black fog billow out of the monster.

He was in water, maybe it just instantly got put out?

Try hitting a monster on dry land with a laser.