Something I don't recall others mentioning


We all know in Nest that the monster minions seem to come out of egg-looking interdimentional transport pods but in Evacuation the minions seem to come out of a black rift/portal. What’s all that about?


If they where eggs we would be asking why doesn’t the monster need to hatch em but in Nest it does?

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The eggs are transport pods used to move the minions from their dimension to ours.

My guess for the rift/portal is that they appear next to minions for them to go through it to accomplish their mission.


But why not just ‘birth’ them straight in the battlefield? They may get damaged on their way to the rift and they seem the same strength from when they’re just transported and when they leave the rift. It’s safer to just transport them via the eggs.


What do you do with the minions hatched from eggs, completed their mission, and are capable of conducting more chaos?


Assuming you mean by eggs, they need to be hatched, which can be interrupted.

Assuming the Monster won on Nest, the minions survive. They feed on the wildlife on civilian casualties.

They have a sliver of armor when you see them in Defend.

Refer to my first point.


From what we can tell/guess, eggs are transport pods that require time to fully activate. When they reach this time they release a full monster, but they can be interrupted before that to create a minion. Short term benefit vs. long term goals.

The defend portals seem related to the Wraith Trap rifts. Based on their positions, they may be created by the monsters taking the generator’s energy in the millisecond between loss of containment and dissipation to restructure it to suit their needs. At that point, it becomes a ‘shortcut’ into our reality. It’s less stable, so true monsters can’t get through, but faster, allowing the expendable minions to be dumped through en mass.


Of the larger monsters can’t get through then how come the hunters are getting bombarded with fully grown monsters st the final scene?


Gameplay and story segregation.