Something has to change

I’m in Australia so that’s most likely a factor, but it’s not wait times I’m angry with, it’s the fact I have to play 5 or more games of roles I hate before I get to play monster. Then when I do play monster, the game freezes and I’m forced to go through the process again.

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It sucks for picky people, I’m sure.

Lucky for me I’m easily entertained.

That’s not an insult, by the way. People like what they like.

I just go with it.

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Yeah I can be a picky person, none taken. I don’t mind playing a role I don’t like every now and then, but I don’t know what’s changed lately it just seems like I’m never getting to play monster and end up being placed in my last pick.

I find a game quite quickly myself. Xbox one doesn’t have a bad queue. And I don’t care what class I end up with or when I join. I enjoy the game for what it is and don’t worry about leaderboards.

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In some cases yeah. If I’m in a premade and we’re not more than 12 minutes in, then I’ll probably restart

What time zone? Friends? You’ll get a better pick and if I get it I’ll swap with you.

Ohhhh that behemoth freeze!!! It really makes you wanna just turn the game off and say forget it lol, but thats my only problem so far personally with the game.

AWST I’m in Perth. Pretty much only enjoy support, assualt and monster. GT is Th0masthedank

Takes me a few minutes at least to find a match, and it’s always a game in progress. After the match ends everyone leaves and I’m stuck in the same process over and over. Occasionally everyone stays in the lobby and I might get monster, but after that everyone leaves again.

Sadly there is no update regarding this. No news no nothing…

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I must admit this has been dampening my own enthusiasm for this game. Every time you try to search it’s just waiting for ages before getting a lobby full of bots and one low level player. It’s a shame.

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Amen brother. To lesser extend poor game design choices, and of course the lowest reason why people quit - game balance. But it seems the devs only care about game balance, ignoring all the bigger issues.

Thanks for the thread necro(!), since this is wildly out of date now with the new Hunt mode I don’t want to see people getting confused by the content of this thread.