Something has to change

I’ve loved Evolve since the first day I played it, and every moment of free time I’ve had since then has been put into Evolve, and every time I played I had fun. Every time until a couple of weeks ago. Lately things have been going downhill, my limited time to play has been filled with frustration, waiting and anger. If I have 2 hours of free time I spend the first half hour to an hour waiting in queues or playing roles I hate in hopes I can be placed as monster. Then when I eventually get to play as monster, 3 minutes into the game the monster (99% of the time Behemoth) freezes, I’m then forced to leave the game repeat the waiting process.

Tonight was a perfect example of what I am talking about. After dinner I decided I would play a few games of Evolve before bed, I had around 2 hours before I needed to get into bed. As usual the first match places me in a game that’s started as Trapper (my last selected role) this happens 100% of the time for my first match, I’m willing to deal with it however if I can play monster the next game. The game ends and after a painfully horrible game I hope to be placed as monster, everyone leaves however and I’m put into a queue waiting for a game. Once again I an put into a hunter role, and like before I play the game out in hopes of being monster the next game.

This continued for over an hour, and by this point my blood is boiling, I’ve endured around 7-8 games as roles I hate playing with horrible players. I decide to give it one last shot and call it quits if I get placed as hunter. I get into a game as monster yay… Except I’m goliath with 1 bar of health left with 2 minutes left on the game timer… I immediately attempt to restart match, however the hunters are bad sports and decline the vote twice.

As much as I love this game at times, putting up with this and getting frustrated over something I should enjoy is not worth it. Without trying to sound entitled, I’ve paid $100 for the game and lots of money into skins, I should be able to play the game how I want. I suggest implanting an option to NOT join matches in progress, and to be matched into games where only your first 2 picks will be met. So if I have monster as first preference and support as second, I can only be matched into those roles.

Evolve has already had a huge player drop, and I can say that this frustration over bugs, poor matchmaking and getting put into bad roles has been the major contributing factor.


The hunters had obv spent alot of time hunting the monster and put alot of effort forth, i wouldnt restart either.

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Then you’ll be in here complaining about wait times. There’s no way for TRS to win this game. Someone has to fill the slots.

What platform? I’m on Xbox One and I nearly always get one of my first two preferences.

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Do what 90% of the players did, quit this game.

i wish they would split the monster / hunter queues already. simple solution. another one would be to have a monster-only version (or something similar) of the game. yet another solution would be to place people who put monster as 1st choice into a new game and let it fill up each time instead of searching first for existing games.

but no that would be work and ppl dont like to work.


Just get your team killed by not helping them. Look for cupcakes instead. But really get the hunter teams killed if they put us into games we dont want then its time to kill time

What platform are you on that has such long queue times? On Xbox it doesn’t take too long to find a match depending on how many people you search with. If I search by myself I can find a game within 20 seconds and get selected as a random role if I join in. If I search with 3 players including myself, it can take about 1 minute to find a lobby. After I finish the join session in progress game, I normally get my first choice every time. Sometimes I can even switch up my preferences and still consistently get my first choice. Playing as my second or even third choice isn’t that bad. When I want to play as the monster and it’s my first choice I almost always get that also. If i’m not monster every game then it’s every other game.

If everyone leaves the lobby and you are put in another queue, I have found that it is faster to just exit that search and start another. This can get annoying, but this happens with a lot of multiplayer games and their lobbies. You just have to search again and hope you are thrown into a lobby and not a session in progress.

Having learned to play all the roles efficiently, there isn’t one I can say I hate playing. Personally my preference looks like Monster - Medic - Trapper - Assault - Support and I switch between trapper and medic with my friends. I can play all the roles and have learned that each hunter has a different experience than the last.

The reason votes are so commonly denied is because (A) the monster doesn’t care what happened to your hunter teammates because he doesn’t feel like restarting a match early on or midway through, or (B) the hunters don’t want to vote yes because they don’t care if the monster player caught a bad break halfway through and instead just want to finish the game. Have you even been 11 minutes into a game and the monster all of the sudden wants a match restart because maybe they picked the wrong skill upgrade? Or they couldn’t dodge the dome because their traversal clipped a tree and they went straight up or nowhere at all?

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simple solution that won’t work.

They’re introducing a ranked mode at some point that is supposed to have your preference locked, meaning if you choose to play a role, you’ll either wait for a lobby with your preference open or start one with you in that slot. When is a question that hasn’t been answered yet though, at least not to my knowledge.

Simply saying this one sentence pictures the current situation… at least this is how I feel it (pc platform). If I was asked to point the biggest unaddressed problem of evolve - I would say these are not bugs (though add terrible irritation in many cases). This is matchmaking.

  • lack of queue mechanism, that allows to wait for preferred, selected role
  • lack of ranked matchmaking

Yesterday I experienced nearly the copy of the situation you described. Much time spent - about 90mins in my case - waiting for reasonable match with the role I want (Behemoth) and when killing hunters … game frozen.

I just closed Evolve. … Not de-installed though. …yet.

But well… Fractured Space is free. S-F mood I love. Beautiful battleships. Why not give it a chance…

i do this
it’s a loss anyway if you back out of a running game that you were put into
so i just run around getting killed by wildlife

doing my bit to kill this game

I have that same problem with behemoth. Very time i get a hunter down it freezes or just freezes out right jusy using him i also feel the same ahout almost getting rid of the game.

Im not really out to kill the game lol i just want my spot

i do ;).

im the cupcake master!

no, its not. my loss count on idk how many hunter games ive farked up has remained at 2. i played exactly 2 games with hunters before deciding theyre all trash. every time i get put into one, ill check my hunter loss record, still 2 losses. at least on my end its not a loss :smiley:

it is a loss, it’s not a death but your win loss ratio gets fucked

I’m having massive wait times already, the only thing a monster queue would change is, instead of me being put into games I don’t want to play, I’ll be sitting at the menu waiting. Sitting at a menu can be boring, but it’s not frustrating like playing games that are really un enjoyable.

You on PC?

I’m on Xbox one

I have no wait times on Xbox One. None.

Sounds like a bug or something.