Something has to be done about the time penalty

I got kicked at the match start and now I’m facing a 14538 penalty. This is completely ridiculous, I did not buy this game to be banned constantly for being disconnected. And the penalty never stops adding up! Why the hell does it keep getting worse? I didn’t even play yesterday and now I come back play one match then I’m disconnected and can’t play anymore? The game kicks me or dashboards constantly and that’s annoyi enough without having to deal with this as well

You need to contact 2k support to resolve this.

There was an bug reported that would give out these long penalties based on your time zone settings.
The fix was to set your timezone/time to automatically update.

Yup, they are aware that the penalties are excessive and they are working on a fix. Hang tight. :smile:

As if I have any other choice

They should just reset the timer for everyone. I havent had any problems with it, other than my power turning off and it giving me a penalty.

Mine loves dashboarding me for some reason. The penalty never resets either

still a prob just got something like a 3576 sec penalty for being kicked out…