Something Fun about the new dropship


So…you’re incapped.

Lets say a Kraken jumped your team at spawn, and as your teams medic, you’ve assessed that the situation could be better. You doubt you’re getting up any time soon, as the Kraken seems interested in ending the fight here, and after dropping you, has moved on to your support, but is making sure no one gets you up.

What is an incapped medic to do? Well, you have two options, either lie there on the ground, bleeding out slowly while pulsing heals every now and then…


Go to dropship with a 10 second timer…that’s right, 10 seconds of no medic, and now full health medic! BONUS! anyone else who went down can hop on the dropship and rejoin you. That’s right, you could ride the dropship in less time than it takes to pick someone up!

This has been a PSA for Hunters, ride dropships, stop getting wiped at stage 1!


But how does the dropship timer changes after one got incapped? Isn’t the time increased afterwards so the next guy needs longer?
Hm it can be good but if the monster thinks: “I camp the body” and you just let him pay for this decision (and the downed med is Emet who can healburst all the way) and focusing on fully dmg it might be better. But otherwhise sure, don’t wait for a revive if the timer is low!


Actually, once a dropship timer starts (i.e. someone is fully dead), other people dropping don’t add to it, just to the next one. So if you start a 10 second timer once 1 person drops, and two more follow before it lands, all three of you respawn after the initial 10 seconds…

And yes, I agree that you can make a monster pay for body camping, but sometimes making the revive call can actually save a game.


Yeah. In fact if a monster seems decent and is hounding my body and I don’t think I can be revived, I’ll just hold B and spawn in in fifteen seconds.

You get back faster with no added risk to your buddies. Anyone else can jump on too. Win/win/win.


As a console player I haven’t got to play this current build yet, but watching streamers has made me yell at my tv when I clearly see it as the right thing to do and no one does it at all!


it kinda annoys me. while its good to keep the monster running on stage 1, it also makes them incredibly powerfull.

i´d like a get out of jail card as a monster too.