Something for MidnightRoses to be impressed by! (and kraken-killer tips)

@MidnightRoses When I got the notification about my poster, I saw your profile picture which reminded me of this! Made these for Junior Homecoming by hand :3 (the lovely lady you see is my girlfriend, who to this day sits through my hour-long binge rants about Evolve and the OP Kraken and so on and so forth! :bucket:

ANYWAYS, to relate this a wee bit more towards Evolve, I recently found out that Kraken can easily be taken down by Bucket’s sentry guns if you place them above elevation, due to the fact that he flies all the time, he will be forced to the ground for fear of taking massive damage. Make sure to keep the turrets spread out, however, as the Kraken may obliterate them with an Aftershock! :kraken_stare:


That is awesome! Btw I hope krakens will get demolished by BUCKET so the only OP monster is him.

I long for the day I see BUCKET OP, PLZ NERF on these forums!!!

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Soon… oh so soon…


By the way what does @MidnightRoses have to do with this?

Sorry if thats rude

Her Profile pic is similar

Ok thanks!

Np (Oh god there is still a 10 char mininum)


… (I don’t know how to do that)


No caps in the [----]

Yay! I know stuff now!


Keep her. Marry her :smile:


That’s a keeper, for sure. :wink: