Someone with mad photo taking skills needed


I need a pic of Goliath mid leap-smash (you know, where his fists are hitting the ground+splosions) from a hunters perspective for REASONS!
Theres no time to explain!
Any help is appreciated ^.^


Uh…I don’t know who could help here…Sledge maybe? I don’t know.


Im on it wait a minuteI don’t know how to get photos from my x-box to my PC :sweat:. dammit sorry I can’t help you :persevere:


I see how it is.


Well, I could try to get a screenshot of the Goliath leap smashing me or something; if someone wanted to play the Goliath against me.


I volunteer! Then we can grind for CABOT SKINS!


Yesss, get to it, Stage 1 is almost complete :3


…What exactly are you up to?


potetoe mans


Not making a dank meme, thats for sure


Dank meme confirmed 11/10 ign