Someone post awesome monster fights here!


I can’t play Evolve at the moment because my PC is being repaired. Please can some players post awesome monster fights here? Because all the YouTube vids and ghostrobo make so many mistakes and I wanna see monsters that pull off awesome combos, clutches, you name it. It would be so satisfying to see sme other awesome monster players out there. I prefer to see Goliath and Behemoth gameplays since they’re my favorite monsters but anythingn will do. Please give me something to watch and be entertained by instead of cringing at multiple mistakes :+1:





I still regret not Shadowplaying this one game against a Goliath on Weather Control. Full health stage 3, 10/10 teamwork in a dome and we get him down to 2 bars of health, but me (Abe) and Hyde were the only ones left. The Goliath goes into panic mode and tries to flee, we chase him and cancel any feeding with toxic nades. He tries hiding under a little bridge with just over a single bar of health left, so we split up since we were both low on health. I bait him into attacking me. He kills me, but not before I get some shots in. Half a bar of health left. Hyde is chilling on top of the bridge that our good 'ol Goliath is hiding under. He throws a toxic nade, then the monster climbs up the bridge so he stops taking DPS on the nade. Brief stare down. Monster charging up his sneak, but not before Hyde gets some flame in. Hyde gets sneak attacked, but the Monster dies from the flame when Hyde has literally a pixel of health left. I actually screamed with joy in the end, haha.

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#4 check my youtube out im like 189-1 with goliath i have plenty of different monster games.



I don’t remember the last time I’ve taken anyone seriously with that kind of ridiculous ratios.

I’ve also watched the video, mediocre at best. I’m gonna go ahead and assume most of your 189-1 score was accumulated when disconnecting from a game didn’t yet count as a loss.



Console gameplay

Stopped watching there. Well, I didn’t, but I should have. Every video and stream I’ve watched indicates to me that the standard is much lower on both consoles for some reason. I’ve noticed people making statement to this effect here and there as well. Is it true or just me?



Where you getting your bullcrap from about disconnecting ive never disconnected from games thats why i have deaths on wraith, mediocore at best is a funny statment because i was playing against randoms i dont take them games serious, if you have a team add me and send me an invite so you can eat that statement



There are good players on console as well, but also a large amount of casuals



Brilliant comeback.
13 posts on this forum and I’ve already stepped on someone’s toes. Oh noes.

I don’t own Evolve on console and I don’t intend to. I’m sorry I’ll have to pass on your little “hue come fight me then” -statement that has nothing to do with what I said in my previous post at all.

I am looking forward to more videos, though. Show me that great 189-1 ratio of yours in action against a good team of Hunters then.



Stop fighting before I bonk you in the head dammit

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How very…tactful, Bagel. :wink:

But yes, this is no place for arguments. Take that somewhere else please.

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Why would i need a comeback against someone hating? Lol either play against me or ill take it as your bark is louder than your bite, You cant drop into a thread and accuse someone of disconnecting from games if you dont even own the console version, i have plenty of games i can show you that i havent uploaded, and also just because someone plays a team of randoms dosnt make them bad, i stopped playing as monster lately mainly because theres too many randoms and not enough teams on pubs, the 1 death i have was against a top team i beat them twice and they beat me once. My teams doing MLG soon so youll have time to see plenty of games or better yet watch me stream and ill see if i can get a game against teams to prove you wrong.



Whos arguing im here showing someone gameplay and i have this guy here talking smack about disconnecting.





Here is a recent playlist I made of me maining as monster on the new maps. You’ll have to forgive my rusty monster play and learning the new maps at the same time, but I feel they are pretty good at showcasing the monsters.

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Fair point, and now that I think about it, as far as I know more people left on PC than on the consoles, and presumably it was the more dedicated/experienced people who hung around, so a random sample on PC is more likely to have skilled players.



Can we please cut all the PC/console war stuff? It’s driving me nuts that both sides think they’re better than the other.

On topic, I had this great fight against Abe, Torvald, Hank, Val on armory. I was Behemoth stage 3 with 45 seconds left on the game timer (I had gotten chased endlessly in stage 1). I roll into the relay (which has this really crappy vertical wall that the hunters kept kiting on) and wipe out Val while Torvald takes out 3/4 of my remaining health. Torvald and Hank are standing on this platform and Hank had two strikes with low health, so I used a Fissure from the bottom just as Hank cloaked. I assumed I missed, so I diverted my attention to Torvald and pounced him, and was surprised when no orbital came to wipe me out (I had about 3/4 of a bar left of health at this point). So Torvald goes down and I chase Abe after he shoots me off the relay. I came down to a sliver of health before I finally downed Abe with a nice lava bomb, and was surprised to find that I had won, because I had unknowingly clipped Hank with my fissure while he was invisible. I was so happy :smiley_cat: