Someone needs to fix this [Evolve DLC plans?]


will evolve release more dlc? I want more monsters more hunters more maps, I want what I paid for and if this is it, I’ll be beyond disappointed…


Fix what?

The tier IV characters came out recently and they are working on tier V. It’ll be some time before they are ready to launch, I assume that you bought the PC monster race edition because it promises two extra hunters and the tier V monster, all of that content will be out when it is ready. The new maps will be on PC and PS4 soon also.


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no I got it for Xbox one lmao


Unless you got the season pass or the deluxe edition you aren’t entitled to the new characters or monsters.


Everything for the deluxe edition is out now. We’re all caught up.


Yeah, I meant that the OP seemed to feel like they were entitled to some content and they “want what they payed for” so since there was no Monster Race edition on consoles they must be talking about tier IV. Without buying the pass or deluxe there is no missing content do speak of to date.


Ahh, ok. I wasn’t sure if you thought the DD edition had the T5 Hunters/Monster too. :slight_smile:


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