Someone needs to do something about this current batch of gameplay


Whoever it is that is in charge of creating and/or sending these recent gameplay videos out to people like IGN and Gamespot needs to gather some better stuff to show to the public.

These new gameplays since E3, specifically in the “Next Big Game” videos have two big problems:

First of all, they only show and talk about the newest hunters and monster, and in a way that makes it seem like they’re the only ones in the game.

This is really bad because it only shows half of what the game has(revealed), and a lot of people are thinking that it’s very one-dimensional and/or repetitive because there are so few playable characters(which they would know is wrong if the previous characters and their differences from the new ones were acknowledged at all) and loadouts, or because they think there is only one set team, or because the only monster they know about or see is the one that spends most of the time trying to stay at range and be more elusive, and not the one that is more aggressive and tanky. They also think the monster is underpowered due to the Kraken losing in near-all videos released, as well as that E3 tourney, because they don’t know it has a higher learning curve and skill requirement than the starting monster, making it easier to kill if the person using it doesn’t know how.

Even E3 seemed to shove the new set down our throats without any consideration for the previous. I get that they wanted to show off their new reveals, but they could of did something with the first set of characters.

They don’t get to see the other hunters or monster, the possible combinations and tactics resulting from different pairings, the shift in the game flow caused by fighting Goliath instead of the Kraken. The ones that do know about the last set of characters think they are inferior due to not being given as much information or gameplay on them, they think all the new hunters are vastly superior, and that it seems a bit lame to make the player unlock better characters, even though that isn’t the case.

It’s like you keep showing them the same thing without any variation.

Secondly, the actually gameplay you’re currently showing is boring.

The game isn’t boring, but this gameplay is, and we know this game can actually have some intense and interesting matches because we’ve been shown a few before. What we’re seeing now is really boring and seems to end the same way every time. They feel slow because the hunters don’t seem to be doing anything interesting, and neither is the monster.

This stuff worries me, because I want this game to do well, and people don’t want to buy things that look boring at the first glance.

In summary, you guys should vary it up when you release your gameplay, and in the future, don’t just push the third set of characters exclusively when they are revealed.

Just my two cents.


We have asked for more Goliath gameplay, and i think that they listened to the community so maybe soon?


seems fine to me. they are character spotlights what do you expect from 3-10 minute videos? I do agree on the new set of characters and monster sorta overshadowing the old ones since we saw no live gameplay from them. but the mixing and matching is the beauty of the game. why reveal it all now? let the players discover wat works well and what doesnt. In fact i hope the third tier isnt released. id rather have the pre order dlc monster and (i have ps4) the xbox early access stuff released first so more people would be inclined to preorder. leaving us to discover what the third tier does on our own.


Honestly, I feel like Evolve will come out slow at launch, with Destiny, Hardline, COD, ect coming out about the same time. However, I’m betting that Evolve will quickly pick up steam after launch and be one of the most popular 2014-15 games. Tired of listening to people saying it’s going to fail, I’m ready to prove them wrong as I’m bashing their face in with my meat fists


I expect them to them to briefly go over both characters revealed per class.

and both monsters.



I feel you’re right about the new Hunters and Kraken getting a lot more coverage than the previous crew that’s for sure. I think it’s because since the Kraken reveal at E3, those were the only ones that were used since they were also revealed not long before. But ah, I dunno! I think we’ve seen practically enough coverage on the Goliath though but we could do with some more gameplay with it and the first revealed Hunters, I suppose? :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope the third set is revealed :frowning: I want to know as much as I possibly can before I get the game in hands. I am sure there will be secrets held in the box still (If they only reveal one more map that is 9 maps that will be unrevealed, as well as the entire perk system, leveling system and possibly skins?). I have a feeling like the 3rd set will be unveiled at Gamescom. :smile:


That means Evolve just has to do some AWESOME community events, leading up to launch, as well on launch day to ensure to drag a lot more people into the game!


Yea we totally hear you guys. We want to get out more gameplay with Goliath and the first set of hunters ASAP.

As always, there are many factors that go into things like this. But we definitely understand this concern.


as it gets closer the anticipation is gonna get overwhelming haha. Im currently in “please let it be october” mode until then. just coasting along enjoying the ride. I just see from a marketing standpoint saying “pre-order now and get insert name free.” with his face on the cover of the poster/commercial is better than revealing the third tier. maybe theyll do both!


Thank you TRS for officially making this the longest summer ever


From what I understand, the writer of the article captured this footage when he visited 2K before he had his interview with the devs. So I’m afraid this sort of thing is out of our hands, we just provide the build :-/


That’s really unfortunate. It’s not really outright bad gameplay, it’s not boring; it’s just bland, at least what’s been put up on Gamespot. The commentator is good enough, but on the actual gameplay videos, they really seem to fail showcasing much of the strategy and adrenaline-fueled-down-to-the-wire kind of stuff. Especially that poor Kraken. It really doesn’t stand a chance. I feel like if better footage was on the website, there wouldn’t be such heinously irritating comments below each article that’s been up so far.


The only trailer I disliked was the obviously staged one.

The one where the e-sport announcer (man so sorry you’re pitch perfect gotta get your name later) went and did a really fun bit when the monster did a fun ground slam bit pouncing on some unaware hunters.

I really hate staged game-play like that. Other then that eh. Its hard to be good with a controller using abilities for the first time without practice, at an event where you’re distracted n what not… and I understand that they’ve probably got some promotional deal with a console company so they keep away from exposing PC game-play.


I’m also sick of it. Finally we get some unique and the same people who bemoan CoD for producing the same game every year are the first to say that Evolve won’t succeed because it’s not the same…

Evolve is going to be bigger than I think people realize, E3 I think shows that. And the great thing about Evolve is we aren’t seeing scripted, vertical slices of gameplay like the new Rainbow 6 or anything like that. No, we’ve seen FULL GAMES and unedited, unscripted gameplay. That IS what the game will look and play like. No marketing tricks, no bait and switch (coughwatchdogscough).


What if we got some meet the videos like TF2 did? Not exactly like them but show some gameplay of each character (hunters and monsters). The videos could have all 4 of the weapons/ abilities and in the monsters case it would be each teir of the ability. Thoughts? Also only show characters we know about. Save the unannounced for later.


I think if people watched the dev e3 match, they’d then understand.

I think whats needed is a video that really shows off the … grandiosity… of Evolve. By that I mean showing ALL the hunters, all the monsters, the pre-match perk system, the on the map wild-life and perks for the monster and hunters, showing how the monster evolves and can then customize which abilities to put points in, something that really tells the viewer the MOBA nature of the game. These short blurbs about one hunter are selling the game short.


Or both. I really enjoy the idea of characterization videos in the “Meet the…” style, but something showcasing the complexity of the game in detail would be awesome as well. Not sure if they can do that until they fix and finalize things, though.


Agreed, even though they have announced how many hunters and monsters there will be and even though the article mentions Goliath, the comments on the new Kraken article indicate that people don’t know much of anything about the wildlife, how many monsters, etc.


I agree, but videos detailing one hunter at a time is more for people that already know something about the game. If you are going to make a segment called the “next big game” you need to show a bit more. I don’t mean to come down too hard on this, but its a main reason there are so many negative comments to the gs articles.