Someone help PLEASE!


So, I have yet to play in a game with Slim and Hyde together. Can someone PLEASE tell me what they talk about/act towards each other


They don’t talk about anything yet. They still have to record that, I believe.


It has been recorded but will not be in-game until a later update.



Well I guess I don’t have to worry then


Thanks for clearing that up. I was surprised today when Hank did a “Gear Check” involving Torvald, Crow, and Slim. Was wondering what was going on with the VO.


Wait, what happened?


Hank said his usual “Gear Check” line, asking Torvald if his shield was charged and how the medic (Slim) and trapper (Crow) were doing.

Torvald said: “Fully charged.”

Crow said: “Here.” (Oddly enough.)

Slim said: “Yeah, we’re good man. Let’s go.” (Or something like that. I can’t remember EXACTLY what he said, but that’s pretty close to it.)


Hm… Cool


Yeah, definitely. I’ve heard some other interesting convos between the T4 as well, and perhaps something about Slim living in a jungle before all this?


I thought that he lived with Crow, hiding from humanity with him


Crow DID live in the JUNGLES of Shear. Hm. @Matthew?


Yea I thought that alot of people hated Slim, as he was in the mutagen wars and stuff. So he came to Shear and found Crow, no?


It’s a possibility. Where’d you hear this?


So sorry. I forgot where I heard it. I wanna say in battle but I don’t think so.