Someone has a Prime Behemoth Monster?


Had a game with some of my friends and it turns out that someone, somehow, has a Behemoth Monster Prime - and here I was thinking that behemoth was unattainable until it was properly fixed, but I guess I was wrong.

Here is a picture.

Also, how does one increase the amount of Silver Keys income? AKA How do I get more silver keys from a game, rather than 100-500.


Founders have access to Behemoth :slight_smile:

Edit: Founders that owned him previously have access to him.


I have him lvl 23 or something like that.


Ah, I see. I didn’t know, so everyone in the lobby was really confused and surprised. We got absolutely destroyed, even without him being in Evolve 2.

Anyways, any solutions to the second question I asked?


That I can’t answer, sorry. I just don’t know.


What about you?


The solution to the amount of keys you’re getting is to be grateful. Once you get into the lv20s you get 10-30 keys on a loss, and 30-50 keys on a win. At that point all you can do is cry.


Key income is pretty static unless you achieve the hidden challenges (which are like milestones). The best you can do is keep up with the periodic challenges for some extra 50~200 keys.


I have access to Behemoth and have been getting worked over every time I play him. I have much better luck with Elder Kraken and Goliath.


Same here pretty much. I got lucky and beat a Wraith as a hunter and got 1.4K Keys.

Still trying to get Wraith, Gorgon or Elder Kraken


I don’t know, just find hiden challenges, do the daily rewards and level up your characters, that’s all I can say.


Yeah, Bob’s traversal starts out stuck in molasses and then speeds up as you roll downhill. He goes the same molasses speed uphill regardless of time spent traversing. Is this intended for Stage 2 Bob?

It’s almost impossible to get away from the hunters unless you pull some crafty geometry exploiting and the hunters lose you entirely, which of course also requires that Val and Gobi’s dude both not be present.

… but yeah, is this intended?

Edit for clarity: Bob’s traversal in FTP Evolve is painfully slow.


Not sure. I assume/hope that’s some of the stuff the guys are working on before he goes prime time. @GentlemanSquirl


Nope, we intend to fix that.

Something we are working on as well!


While we’re talking fixes, maybe Bob should be he only monster who goes immune during an evolve (burrows underground or something) – since he’s the only ground-bound monster.

I was always pretty scrubby with Bob, but he’s the only monster who has ever had real issues breaking away from the hunters.

But of course you know that. :smile:


I don’t have Bob as a prime character, but he is already level 31 and he is the most trained character I have currently with the Goliath and Miley behind, both on the level 28.


I finally got him!

######Yes I know, it’s the x10 weekend…


Bob’s a pretty interesting monster, but certainly takes some getting used too. There are a few bugs admittedly-something TRS is very well aware of and is clearly working on fixing–that make him very difficult to play at times. I think a few of the bugs are breaking, but happen only sparingly, once out of every twenty games for me or so. But for the most part, he is a wrecking crew against individuals who aren’t used to fighting against him. A good tongue grab into fissure into rock wall into lava bomb is really brutal, not even including if you stealth pounce immediately thereafter to try to keep the guy in the fire with you.

Anyways, he is very slow with his traversal in the beginning, but there are ways to work around it. In order to help evade hunters with their recent buffs and their ability to move quickly, I decided to take nothing but feeding speed and movement speed increase based on percentage. Bob heavily relies on getting moving, and the roll seems to actually work with movement, but I can’t be certain. At the very least it feels faster, and when you’re just walking you aren’t a snail, so that’s nice. The feeding speed allows you to get on your way quickly. The objective is to get to stage two asap so you can put one more point on bomb, tongue, and fissure (first stage being one on every ability to have his combo up) so that you can reach farther and deal more damage.

That was a little off topic, but I also have a Prime Behemoth skin, which is what attracted me to this post in the first place.