Someone file complained me for cheating -_-


I was playing as elite Goliath with feeding speed and won and he said
i file complained you for cheating : )
just because I won


I’m sorry i’m not familiar with “file complated” what did he do to you?


I think they mean someone filed a complaint against them, or submitted a report for cheating.


Oh ok, thanks for being clear. And to @AlbinoGoliath I wouldn’t worry about it, if you can still play then you’re fine. He was just mad because you kicked ass :wink:


Thank you :smile:


I fixed the words


I’ve had that. Hate speech, too. :frowning:


Just try to ignore it, if you weren’t cheating; there should be no punishment. I’m pretty sure whoever he reported you to, would require evidence before they punish.


It’s just jerks online, i got an angry message once that said “Your a cheating ass wraith player, die you piece of sh*t”
I tend to laugh it off haha,


Your welcome, if you get multiple complaints then you may worry but if its just the one your fine :slight_smile: .


I’ve got those too…after the nerfs. :confused:


Yeah… that’s what you’ve gotta do. I figure most of the hate stems from real-world stuff. Salty haters might be actually decent people, but they just had a bad day.


I typically follow that up with, “I’m doing better than you, so I MUST be cheating!”

That riles them up.



What’s a wraith player to do haha. I’ve literally angered my friends with my wraith stage one 3 in WB. What do you think of it?


I actually befriended someone who cursed me out over message :stuck_out_tongue: he’s a cool guy.


Haha yeah, I’ve actually gotten a couple of angry voice messages from hormone raging 13 year olds :stuck_out_tongue:


I think people who complain about the new Wraith need to grow up and learn how to play. :unamused:


I live for messages like that.

They sustain me.


Eh. I don’t like salt.


I agree, they’ve done what they can. I think of it like this, if i can still whoop your butt with a wraith nerfed to hell you need to get gud scrub :stuck_out_tongue: .