Some UI changes/additions that we need in the menus


There are a few things I’ve noticed that we really need fixed or added to make the menu experience a littler smoother. This isn’t an all inclusive list, but just some things that would really be nice.

  1. Menu chat and typing:
    There shouldn’t be a character limit that equates to the length of a Tweet. It’s frustrating to have to send a message that is only half complete. Additionally…

  2. When tapping “Enter” it would be nice to have a chat history in case we missed something that was said previously

  3. The typing experience right now is pretty abysmal…
    When deleting characters while typing, holding “backspace” takes longer than just hitting escape and just writing again. Can we have “Ctrl + Backspace” functionality, and a quicker speed with which things delete?

  4. While in the menus could we have access to characters and perks?
    It could work sort of like Loadouts, if you so choose, that way we can see our perks and upgrades, and also purchase new ones without having to be in a custom game or whatever. Sometimes it’s a little too much to do in the middle of the picking phase, but the next thing would help alleviate this problem

  5. When right clicking to upgrade perks, instead of just asking us to confirm the purchase (which is definitely nice) could we also have it tell us what percent increase the upgrade will be doing? That would be nice

These are just the few that I thought of in the last day or two. I know there are more, but this is just the beginning. I hope you see this Turtle Rock. Loving the game so far, but these would really help out the situation.

There are a few other things I would like to see in the game, but aren’t really UI/UX related things.


I agree, but there isn’t really a reason to type a paragraph during menu screens.


No i get that. And now that im thinking about it there are plenty of games that have limits, but i feel like Evolve’s is noticeably shorter than most… every time i use it, I have to finish my thought in the next sentence.