Some tweaks, some depth


Use this topic to mention some tweaks.
As an example:
Rocket-Jump: If Bucket, Sunny, Emet or Parnell is effected by his own missile(s)/nuke his/her gravity is temporal lowered. That alows him/her to get a slight boost by using the jetpack.
Smells like health and armor: Hunters with lots of health and armor are smelling more than hunters with low health and armor.

Wall-climb-heavy-attack: If a monster climbs and uses an AA at the same time, the monster stops climbing and uses a heavy-attack. The monster smashes hunters to the ground and drops faster.

Cover yourself: A sneaking monster that is inaktive for 3sec covers him-/herself as long as possible.


Why’d you get rid of gif?


Lot`s of people know what a rocket-jump is. I will implement some gifs later on. Still searching a gif of the child that hides beneath the bed in tales of halloween (1st story, sweet tooth).


I like this. Although we’d have to see it tested in action to figure out if it is too broken or not; it might be too good for monsters.


Edited some gifs. Maybe I need more text now. :smiley:

Just imagine Behemoth using his own wall and climb-speed would be much more useful.