Some Trapper's third ability are obsoletes...¿?



except the obvious one, Crow. whose ability synergize perfectly with the new 4th trapper ability, and maybe Abe with his tracking dart that stays pretty much in the same spot.

the new 4th ability is fast, and accurate with very VERY low cooldown, what is great for this new Fast and frenetic hunt of the Evolve Stage 2.

but the other trappers has a predicament. Daisy, sound spikes and survey satellite were design for the more slow-paced tactical Hunt of Classic Evolve. Now that has changed, those abilities Slows you down. and in the most part, they are just not needed at all.

I couldn’t find a good moment to use those abilities in a match, because the monster can not hide for too long. instead is running and we as hunters can not Stop to instal slow gadgets or wait for Daisy, who some times it’s far behind from us, staying still waiting FOR us when we are actually more close to the monster than she is.

I think those abilities need to change just a little because they are good concepts, maybe they should be deployables like EMETs Healing beacons. those are quick and versatile, things that you can throw where you think they are needed

let’s share opinions :cupcake:


Shotgun blast the monster with Jack’s satellite :3

Griffin uses sound spikes to track IN the dome

Daisy is a Rez machine


Yeah, Jack’s satellilte is primarily used as a source of additional damage as opposed to really keeping tabs on the monster.
It used to be a nice little bit of extra burst, but it’s now become more like a part of the overall DPS.


I was thinking this yesterday, especially about Griffin’s spikes. It’s sad because they are vestiges of a different gameplay that’s no longer available.


Honestly, the Spikes and Tracking Sat are still really useful. You can use them to ping the location of the Monster, then the speed boost of the Planet Scanner to catch up to it quickly, or keep track after the Spike is destroyed or the Sat tag wears off.

Daisy now practically meets the Planet Scanner’s utility, as she does basically the same thing without a shiny arrow pointing you in the direction of the Monster. She’s a tracking bot, really. She also gives a speed boost to anyone right next to her.


Sure, but they overlap enough or are options that most people won’t consider initially. Hey, at least this should put an end to people always choosing Maggie all the time for Daisy’s easy tracking.