Some tips on catching the monster for new players


The first thing to know is not to follow the tracks. With it’s movement abilities, the monster will always be able to traverse the map faster than you. If you just follow its footsteps, they will circle the map several times with you in tow, and you will most likely not even see them before they hit stage three at full health and fight you at the generator.

They key is to cut them off. At the lower levels of play, where we are, monster typically go in a more or less straight line until they hit the edge of the map, at which point they alter course to align with the wall. Rinse and repeat. As hunters, we have to cut them off by noting which direction their tracks are going, taking a look at the map to see when they will hit the edge, and then going towards a point on their new course.

Now, a few things to note about this tactic. When someone is clearly doing this, i.e. not following the monsters tracks a buggering off in a similar direction, don’t just follow them. If your team is a net, they are the foremost part of it, yes. But equally important are the rest of the parts. There should be one or two people more or less following the tracks, so that the monster can’t just see us cutting it off and double back, starting the whole process over again. I can’t tell you how many times the monster has caught sight of me, paused, and then just go in reverse and get away fine because my team was just blindly following me since I happened to be in front.

Some of you are undoubtedly thinking, “But Fanfiction, what if the monster doesn’t just go in a straight line like someone put a rock on their ‘w’ button and went to get a snack?” Well, then this guide isn’t for you. If you are at the levels of play where people are following feeding routes or, god forbid, not following a predictable pattern, then I don’t know what you should be doing and you’re probably better at this game than me anyway.