Some thoughts on the balance changes covered in last night's stream


First off, hats off to Chloe and Chris for the great live stream yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to go through the changes. There were two things I wanted to share opinions on after watching it.

One of them, which has been stuck in my head since watching it, had to do with Chris’ comment about certain changes only being noticeable to Elite players. Speaking from experience, it is a tough balancing act to address your game on multiple platforms (input devices) as well as casual and competitive player basses. That being said, I wanted to point out to the team that, in my opinion, less competitive players will notice changes, even if they don’t understand what those changes are.

I don’t consider myself an elite player. I did not even know about a heavy melee recharge timer. So, it never would have even crossed my mind to line up my combos or build in pauses to take advantage of the recharge and launch only heavy melee attacks. However, I know for a fact that I was happening upon the sequences. I cannot tell you how many times I did a melee attack, launched an ability like charge, and then followed up with a swipe to kill a player if I felt that was all it was going to take to finish them off. When that change goes live, had I not watched the live stream, and many people won’t, let alone read patch notes, I would feel something was different.

Even if you only happen upon something 1/4, 1/3 or even ½ the time…you will notice. I only mention this so that it changes are hopefully always assumed to affect anyone playing a monster, not just 2% of the people playing a monster.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the Sunny changes. I think it is a good step. I actually don’t play with a sunny often, my first choice is monster and my second is support, so I am less likely to experience the character as a partner. Last night I had a match as Maggie and a sunny was with me. Wow, that is one powerful boost and the behemoth didn’t stand a chance of escaping me as I flew across the map to set off the MA. I got to use the dodge a few times too during combat. I do agree with Chris, it is fun when you are on the hunter side of things. It is maddening on the Monster side, and I think this change will help.

**Edit - this section is addressed below and seems to be getting fixed.
That being said, I would humbly request you look at the shield generator more closely. I think you need to change the class of the object to that of the mines or the motion sensors. In other words, it really should be a ground based object and not have the ability to suspend itself in midair. Having experienced a Sunny flying up, putting it in the air, and then standing on it where we (Goliath and Behemoth) cannot get to it makes it much too powerful. Other characters, like Caira can also stand on it and rain down healing unopposed.

Well, those were my thoughts. I really want to commend the team on keeping the community posted and working on these changes as carefully as they are.

See you in there!


A tester mentioned that Sunny’s drone should be fixed in the next patch. :slight_smile:


Was it an actual bug that it was able to suspend itself?


More of an exploit, its called stacking, where the game registers the drone as a surface, thus you can place a second drone on top of it, the first is destroyed, and you can do this as high as you want.
Its getting removed


Yay! See, this proves my first point as far as knowledge goes. :wink: