Some things that could make this game even better than it already is


To the hardiest of Testudines,

  Obviously, the erasing of all our progress bug needs to be fixed immediately since it happened to me and my roommate and please let us know on the xbox when this patch comes out and is fixed.  

Another feature option I think that would enhance the game is if you give us the option to leave the minimap permanently on. It is really irritating to have to hit it again every time you evolve as the monster and anytime anything happens as the hunters.

3, the skins are really weak, slight weapon color differences. That is all, really? Different costumes on the models would be a much better reward.

I think this game really maximized on graphics and mechanics, which are awesome! But, there is a ton of potential that can be unlocked here. No storyline is just sad, can I have at least a little plot? Give us a 1 player adventure before the onslaught of people online who tell us we are retarded because we are new the game. I have a fucking Masters degree, don’t tell me I am retarded. That being said, playing your solo is pretty much pointless as the support or medic class because the computers on the team simply follow us around with no initiative to find the monster. But when I’m the monster they are all there on point ready to play. Seems a little off.

  I realize also this game is released at the same time Monster Hunter 4 is pretty much on the 3ds, which is interesting because both these games are essentially the same genre but with very different concepts.  On that note, I have played earlier versions of Monster Hunter and that game has a much better sense of progression of characters than this game.

This game is on par with the call of duties, pretty much, on how you can advance, you get 2-6% bonus, I’m guessing, to abilities if you farm the crap out of playing. With Monster Hunter you fight more and more difficult monsters. The reward being you use their body parts to level up your equipment. By no means, use that model, but we can be more inventive especially with monsters evolving, think genetic mutations and natural selection and advance technologies for humans. A good game that does this is Starcraft to a fault. You can give choice to the player on how their monsters evolve or what technologies their hunters invest in to really really personalize the game and climb your fan base. As a gamer, I think that is awesome, but that is my opinion alone.

What really interested me about this game was the concept of evolving, since I am a gamer with a Masters degree in biology wasting his time ranting about a game. Evolution is based on natural selection and those selection pressures. This whole 3 level metamorphosis thing is not evolution. Evolution is permanent, those choices should carry through your gameplay rather than restart every time you join a game. Of course, there should be an option to reset the choices you picked with a price, not actually money though, stop dlc farming us please. We barely make enough money to pay bills. I mean keep things as they are because it is working, but what if, for the player, their monsters evolved over games based on the players performance and what mutations interested them. This could also go hand in hand with the abilities of the hunters to learn and advance technologies over games. I have come to realize the xbox one has some serious limitations to gameplay versus graphics, but there is sooooo much more that can be done with this concept. Giving players decisions over their gameplay that last, is monumental for gameplay. I mean, that was the main thing behind Mass Effect and even that was very linear.

I realize this game came from a scratch idea that was very intriguing, but I want to assure you that the right direction can make this a huge franchise. By no means make it a Monster Hunter game, because making players be the monster is what unlocks the potential for this game.

I’m done ranting, overall though, great game, especially for the concept and the guys who came up with it. I just hope this game broadens the horizons to become something more. If you don’t do it, especially with this release now, someone down the road will, I’m sure. Also, if you guys have to choose between graphics and gameplay, you should choose gameplay, these high graphic games seem to have almost no depth to them. Great work though, I hope to see more and please let the $90 season pass I for someone reason put down be worth it.

Great Work!



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