Some things I think should be added to the game/changed about the game


Firstly please change how your matchmaking works, I don’t know about a lot of other players but for my friends and I whenever we are in a group we almost constantly get the message “lobby full” I can only assume that means the game is trying to stick us in with a group bigger than ours so it just kicks one of our group to make room for the bigger one. This needs to be fixed please its a massive issue and pain in the ass.

As well as fixing the matchmaking I would love to see a store revamp since it kinda just looks tacked on and doesn’t really give you much information on what it is your’e buying. Having things like character skills and unlocks that come with the character would be really good info to put in the store. Having things such as hunter abilities and monster abilities, as well the skins for that specific monster/hunter all in once place in the store would be a great addition to it, seeing as right now you have to go into training to look at any hunter/monster skills and into the characters tab to look at just some of the things they unlock. On top of all that I feel that a section dedicated to perks would be a good addition to the store, and instead of making it just kind of an overlay on top of the main menu having it be its own separate form of menu would probably be nice. I don’t know all the nitty gritty details and technical capabilities this requires since I’m not a developer, but I’ve played plenty of f2p games and this is one of the worst stores I’ve seen both functionally and in the way it looks.

While I never played the original release of the game I have heard that there were more than just this game mode but I personally would love to see more game modes as well as more maps having only these few gets pretty stale after a while. I don’t really know the specifics of those but there definitely needs to be more added if the developers have any hope of keeping this game going and making money off of it.

I know other people might not feel the same way but i think having something like gold keys would be a good thing to add and make skins for both weapons and characters available only with gold keys, if they want to make money off of this. Free updates with cosmetic items being the thing that costs money has been proven to work exceptionally well for countless other free to play games. I know some might not be a fan of locking things behind a pay wall but as long as its just cosmetics and nothing directly affecting gameplay there shouldn’t be a problem. This would also mean an addition to the store for a section specifically made for purchasing this premium currency. While I do think making skins available only through a premium currency is a good idea it would be good to have the prime skins available through unlocks or even made to be similar to SMITE’s gold/legendary/diamond skins, where they are available for purchase at certain character/god levels and can be purchased with earned currency OR premium currency, personally I think that is a great way of doing it as it gives people the option to either use premium currency and spend their money or to simply grind it out.

For game modes and matching I feel that its almost needed for the hunters to know what they are fighting before they pick their hunters, because in most situations the monster feels like it has an advantage over the hunters since they almost never know what they are fighting before hand and do not usually have the time to prepare specifically for that monster, whatever it may be, I’m not sure if this is different in ranked mode and if it isn’t it should be in my opinion. From what I’ve seen the monster is usually the more powerful force of the two even in stage one, so giving hunters the chance to prepare a little more especially against a player that is more experienced with playing monster would be a great addition as it would mean that more skill would be involved rather than just blind luck for one side or the other getting lucky and picking a monster/hunter that does exceptionally well against their opposition.

I would love to hear what other people think of this whether you agree or not and I love you if you took the time to read my jumbled mess of thoughts as I wrote this out. <3


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