Some things i consider worthy of improvement in the future of Evolve


Hello Evolve community,

I played the alpha and the beta on PC. I love the game and its realy fun to play and watch. But it could be even better with some tweaks:

  1. Auto maximize when a game starts. never miss a game again!
  2. Disable hunter or monster queueing when solo
  3. Option to disable monster auto aim. doing 180° leap slams is no fun.
  4. Make option menu EVERYWHERE accessible. In the lobby, when you joined a game but before taking over bot, etc.
  5. Give people that joined a hunter game in progress the current game state (Monster stage, perk selected)
  6. Disregard 5. and do not allow joining games in progress at all. (Opt-Out Option)
  7. Disable monster take over when someone leaves. end the game instead. clearly when someone leaves on purpose, he lost already and has almost zero chance of winning. (Opt-Out Option)
  8. Give maggie an option to retrieve daisy. hunters lost game cause daisy decided to fuck it and go stand outside the generator room, where everyone else was.
  9. Option to disable intro videos would be really usefull.
  10. Make sneak on hold/toggle option
  11. This game could use a social hub linked to steam, i would like to see with whom i played and add people with a single click. Right now you have almost no chance to get to know people you played with. Thats kind of
    anti social in my oppinion.
  12. Make UAV sober… its controlls are like drunk driving. The controls feel really swimmy and do not respond well IMO.
  13. Two different sensitivity settings for iron sight and normal aiming.
  14. FOV slider highly recommended. added with Patch 1.1
  15. All chat and an indication to whom you write. i dont know if i am able to speak to team or enemy too.
  16. Two sets of key bindings (alternative button) / Seperate controlls for every character
  17. Replay functionality
  18. Spectator tool Work in progress
  19. There should be channels, or lobbies where you meet other players. region sorted. similar to warcraft3.
  20. Selected perk should be visible (maybe when you toggle the map on)
  21. Which perk is selected automatically when you do not chose one?
  22. Leaderboards on an externel webpage acessible Replays on the App are
    really good, would be nice if they made it into the game or on a
    webpage too
  23. API for telemetry data
  24. Leaderboars should have an Option to directly chose a specific
    character, going through every hunter to reach tier5 will be a bit
  25. Monster that is seen through a wall should have a different outlining
    than when its in plain sight, sometimes i can not tell if i will hit
    it now or if there is a wall. Anybody else?
  26. Windowed Fullscreen should not minimize

bugs i encountered:

  • 1. birds sometimes trigger when sneaking solved,
    its intentional, they seem to not trigger when you barely
    scratch their circle though.
  • when you do not chose skills, you get 1/1/1. evolving to lvl 2 lets you respec them. you do not get 6 skillpoints, only 3
    skillpoints in total on stage 2.
  • Leaderboards do not count leaving as loss

If you have some things to add, please write them and we could make a compilation for future reference. Thanks!

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UI/Overlay improvements fixes I'd like to see

Out of these 4 gets a +++++++++++!


I disagree with 7. I’ve not lost a monster game I joined yet. (Counting hours in alpha/beta.)


thats like saying playing lotto is good because i won one time.


It’s at least 10/10. But still, not every leave is because they’re losing.


Carrion birds are when you eat, so should trigger even if sneaking


To add to this, the longer you’ve gone without conflict, the more likely you are to trigger them.


then the other birds. the one on the ground.


Did you walk over them?


i Sneaked over them.


Even when sneaking,you will startle scare birds if you walk on top of them.


Well duh! You try walking in a group of birds and not scaring them! You need to go around them!


whaaat? i did this in beta all the time!


I think it is a matter of whether you hit the “sweet spot” or not. I wouldn’t know, even in sneak I always gave birds a little space, but this would make sense.


that might be true… i will observe it :slight_smile:


Can’t actually walk through the birds or they get spooked.

Edit: Sorry, already responded to.


added stuff. please discuss


10 very much… there needs to be some way to better set availability/detect affinity/set up passive means of auto-joining/something. The invite button isn’t really quite enough and is very one-sided, there should be ways to make it easier to party up with people you know and are in-game without coordinating outside the game completely.


yep yep and shameless bump for added things.


@MajorLeeHyper @GentlemanSquirl @macman
Feedback in regards of feasability would be awesome and is highly appreciated!