Some Story In Cutscenes


I already like the stories they tell us in dropship and the funfacts at loadingscreens, but shouldnt be the evacuation mode telling the story of shear in those 5 days? The cutscenes at the beginning of each day are always the same. Someone, crying something like "Help us, so we can help you." At this point I think that there is more space for background. There could be people facing the apocalypse in strange religious ways and prey to the monsters or a little group protecting there home to the bitter end. Lets show a complex society.

If Evolve Got a Campaign (or at least a story)

Evacuation mode, like you said, only details events on Shear within a five day period.
Dropship dialogue, conversations on the ground and the canon on these forums have a huge amount of background information on Shear, you just gotta look for em and keep your ears up.


Like i sayd before i really enjoy those backgroundinformations. They show us what happens and tell us about the live of the hunters and how all this futuristic technology could work, but there are lots of exciting things that can happen at those five days: Plots, discoveries, heroes (hints for some new hunters) and more. There is potentiol to tell us the story of tomorrow.