Some sort of free rotation system to smooth out all the dlc angst?


Hey guys in light of all the discussion about whether there should be dlc or whether its ethical or just the general negativity surrounding the topic, it made me think about how well some sort of a free rotation system would work in Evolve. Since I think a system similar in concept but different in execution to something that LOL uses would in my opinion be able to alleviate some of this negativity concerning dlc.

The reason why I think we need a system like that for Evolve is because to me at least when I go to buy a new hunter or monster im going to have this nagging feeling of “I know this guy is cool but am I going to end up not liking his playstyle?” which will make me very hesitant to buy that particular dlc since I don’t want to regret buying something I may not like later. But if I got to play that hunter or monster before hand then id be more easily swayed to buy the dlc since I know already that I like that paticular monster or hunter.

So here are my ideas for how the system could look one would be very similar to lols system were two hunters and maybe one monster are available for “free play” for two particular weeks each month and the next month it will be another 2 different hunters and a different monster (this is assuming that there are enough monsters to accommodate such a system other wise it would need to be tweaked)

The other idea goes like this, it will function more as a on demand “free week” or a trial system each month a player can choose X amount of characters (this includes monsters in the calculation) that they want to try out and for two weeks of that month they can play them as much as they want and have some fun and see whether they would like to buy them.

Both ideas above include the idea that any stats you earn on those characters when you play them will carry over when and/or if you do buy them.

TL;DR I think a system were if we are allowed to try out the different monsters and hunters for free and for x amount of time is good for the games health and reputation.

So those are my ideas tell me what you guys think. (also sorry if my writing style is boring, while english is my native language english class how ever was my worst subject ^_^" )


I disagree. If you can’t value or judge something based on word of mouth, reviews, and youtube then I feel sorry for you. You can have buyer’s remorse over something that you’ve driven for 15 minutes. The real deciding factor comes from a lot of behind the scenes nuances that you just won’t find in a ‘demo’ version of a rotation. Besides, you should be able to tell if you like something by going up against/with it several times. Also, don’t be surprised if they have bundle packages and sales around holidays. I just don’t see how this is a big deal in the age of the internet. It’s so hard to NOT find information if you are looking for it.

The reason why LoL and HotS do this is because you can eventually unlock them for free with in game time being spent. Evolve currently doesn’t use this model. They get a LOT of sales from impulse buys. Impulse buys are usually followed by FoTM purchases and are actually bad for a gaming environment. It discourages people who think that X is OP and so they buy it hoping to become better and it simply isn’t so.


Honestly, with the rate that new content comes out, I feel like this would be super redundant. For quite a while, it would be a one character pool to draw from on “rotation”. While a “test run” sort of week wouldn’t necessarily be bad. I don’t see any need for it. Most games that have free rotations are the sort that intend to bleed you for microtransactions, which Evolve won’t.

As it is, you get a full game for full price, free maps, and can play teamed with or against any DLC characters for free. I don’t think it is possible to be more generous and not be charity. If you can’t get an impression of content from that, there is a problem. We know that the DLC will be reasonably priced and spaced out, so it should never be an issue.


Devs have mentioned in the past.

One of the reasons they allow you to take over a bot(when someone quits mid game) even If its a Tier 3 hunter that you don’t have unlocked yet … It’s to give you a sort of “test drive” experience.
So I would say that whole free rotation system is not needed.
Besides that I hate free rotations … they tend to result in a inevitable spam of one free character during the entire week and breaks the variety.


hm I actually didn’t know that was a thing and in my opinion variety will be broken anyways whenever a new hunter/ monster is released.


What’s worse? 5000 players who had to buy the DLC to play the new content … or the entire playerbase population with free access to the hunter/monster of the week?


still bad either way


If anything you can just wait for a Steam sale and get your DLC for a cheaper price if you want to buy new characters, etc. I can see where you’re going with this, but their DLC plan is pretty well thought out and this is coming from someone who never buys/hates DLC.

I mean free maps, and you get to play against new monsters and with new hunters is pretty cool.


true but how do you know youll like it in the long term? youtube and streams only tell you so much.

a good example would be back when I played league more often and I loved the idea of getting to play oriania, I went and looked youtube examples and builds but when i finally got to play her I ended up hating her and her kit it just didn’t appeal to me once I got to play it, cause you can be so sure of something but sometimes once you get to play it you just don’t end up liking it for what ever reason.


If you bought something and you don’t like it, guess what, deal with it. If 10 dollars is seriously breaking your piggy bank, don’t gamble. Wait until you have to buy a house or a car and then tell me about buyers remorse. Holy cow, it’s not that big of a deal.


dude whats with you negativity towards this? you seem to just out right hate this suggestion, i’m just trying to create some brainstorming on how to alleviate some of the negativity around the dlc


True, but keep in mind LoL has far more content, WAY bigger playerbase and most importantly of all a completely different business model which is F2P. LoL is so huge and with their F2P model they can afford to give out free character trials since their business model is built on exposure and large sales numbers.

This is a Buy to Play model, and with any DLC they need to guarantee those sales, with TRS being much smaller and using a new IP so customers will be more skeptical on purchasing more content.

This also reinforces me saying just buy it the DLC on a 50%-75% off during Steam sales, better to spend $2.50-$5 than lose out on $10 and if you end up liking it you just got yourself a good deal ;D


I’m sure MaddCow didn’t meant to be negative. I think it’s just to soon to speak in depth about this.


I kinda figured I was just surprised I didn’t expect anything close to praise for bringing this up but his response did catch me off guard


I take @Slewey words for mine.
Free rotation system require more content and diversity in order to not give away free “stock”.
Since Evolve has a different Business Model, I don’t think that system fits well with Buy/Play model.


All your points are true, and it does make sense, but when i was thinking about all the points that were brought up by a large chunk of people I figured id drop an idea or two and see what comes out of the discussion, on that note I wonder what would be a good strategy for trs whether that be stay the course they have now or otherwise


I think that the ability to ‘pilot’ an AI version of any monster/hunter is enough. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people ‘rent out’ a monster or hunter for a dollar donation in a custom game setup.


I like the idea but not the dollar part, you could modify that idea and just make so you can do it against just ai opponents I guess and only x amount of times maybe?


Well people could exploit the whole “control bot” thing you know?

Join a game with a friend
Ask him to pick the new hunter
Game starts
Friend leaves
Pick the bot
Now you have access to the DLC for one round

infinite profit


true but I think that would be a very niche case tbh, also I wonder if he would even be able to get matched in the same lobby as his friend, what’s the probability?