Some short sentences how to not suck at Evolve - Advice collection!


Hey guys,

as the title says we want to maintain here a list of short sentences how to improve your Evolve Gameplay. Basically the list is for beginners!

I will put this post into a wiki that everyone can edit it.

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Some short sentences how to not suck at Evolve



  • Play your class! Heal/Revive if you are the Medic, do damage if you are the Assault and so on…
  • Stay with your team or stick in pairs. Never go alone.
  • Conserve your jetpack during a fight so you can dodge hard-hitting abilities and stay out of melee range.
  • Do not forget to use your class ability. It’s your most important tool.
  • Listen to your team. Their input is valuable. If they find the monster, act accordingly!
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage.
  • Check for nearby pillars, rocks, or large trees that can be used to block attacks.
  • Use elevated ground to watch, escape, and avoid the monster.
  • If the monster is above you, stay close to walls to block attacks.
  • Be mindful of the proximity to your teammates. If you are too close together, multiple hunters will take unnecessary damage.
  • Learn audio cues to help with your blind spots. Monsters make a noise with almost every action they do, including climbing, sniffing, pouncing, and preparing abilities.
  • If you’re on the chase and believe the monster is nearby, take precautions. Save enough jetpack fuel to escape an ambush. Use high ground and avoid hugging corners to deny sneak pounces.
  • Do not grind masteries like Emet’s 3-star Respawn Beacon in public matches. It will ruin the match for all of your teammates, and often end badly.
  • Do not manually revive someone when Lazarus is on the team, unless the situation is dire enough to call for it - usually when Lazarus is down or about to go down.


  • Use Bucket’s UAV (head) wisely. If you have Daisy or consistent tracks, you most likely do not need to tag the monster.
  • As any Support, cloak the Medic when they are getting focused. Chain your cloak with Lazarus’s to keep him out of view of the monster.


  • Do not follow directly behind a monster. Allow your team to push/flush him towards you while you cut the monster off, or wait at a central location.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Trapper, play it safe and use Maggie. Daisy will do the tracking for you, so you can practice positioning, cutting, and doming.
  • Focus on slowing and keeping track of the monster. It will help your team’s survival and battle awareness.
  • If you are Abe, Griffin, or Crow, don’t forget to use your tracking tools in a dome to keep the monster visible.
  • If you are Jack or Maggie, use pings periodically to let your team know where the monster is.

####:medic: Medic

  • Always stay aware of your teammates and their health. Keep them topped off in a fight and on the chase. Don’t be afraid to ask them to back off for healing if you can’t keep up.
  • High ground is your friend. Use it to stay alive and to keep a visual advantage over the battlefield.
  • Try to keep distance from the monster (Slim excepted). It will allow you time to react if you become the new focus, and you need to be alive for the team to win.
  • As Lazarus, never use the manual revive. Stick with the Lazarus Device.

####:assault: Assault

  • Keep track of your health. The best time to use your Personal Shield is when you’re low on HP, allowing free healing from the medic.
  • Do not wait to the very last possible second. Latency can cause it to activate too late.
  • Position yourself between the monster and its target. Don’t be afraid to take some hits that were aimed for someone else, especially when your shield is up.
  • While damage is your job, do not over-commit with low health and no shields. Pull back and get healed.

###:monster: Monsters

  • Remember to be aware of the Trapper you’re facing and counter them accordingly.
  • If Daisy is on the team, your best bet is to avoid sneaking, or use brief sneaking.
  • Against Abe or Griffin, sneaking can help immensely.
  • If Crow is present, sneaking and making your pathing unpredictable can throw him off.
  • If you’ve lost all your armor and made no progress, it’s okay to retreat and recollect yourself for a fresh fight.
  • If your monster has long-ranged attacks, pop a few off from a safe distance. If you manage to damage someone, take advantage and engage the weakened target or a now-distracted hunter.
  • Always maintain distance to Lennox to avoid the 4x multiplier. If you have to fight near her, remember to hit her often.
  • If Hank is on the team, he’ll likely be problematic. Focus and pressure him. Make him waste Orbital and cloak.
  • Don’t always finish off an incapped hunter. If the rest of the team is FAR AWAY, allow the hunter to bleed out. Starting the respawn timer early could play against you later, and the team may briefly stop to revive.
  • Remember to stay focused on a target. Constantly switching between targets will often play against you.
  • That said, avoid focusing someone for too long. If you can’t down them and you’re rapidly losing health, retreat and regain your footing.
  • Gorgon, Meteor Goliath, Behemoth, and Goliath are great at countering Lazarus and Support’s cloak. Their DoT abilities will reveal the invisible hunters, which is perfect for hunting down Lazarus or denying a Support’s escape. Follow the fire/acid!
  • If Cabot is on the team, do not body camp unless Assault is down. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your armor and health.


Don’t manually revive with a Lazarus on the team.


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Don’t waste time sneaking as monster if daisy is on the team


Why? If there is no tracks or any signs, it is not a bad idea. This is way too general advice for a specific tool.


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  • Dont use Buckets drone/head when you have no clue where the monster is. But otherwise maybe useful at start when no tracks or no daisy is in the team.

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Okay I will sperate this list into a hunter list and monster list.


If you are a new trapper, just be Maggie and follow the damn dog!

When engaging as the monster:

-Don’t under commit. Do’t let hunters distract you and make you switch targets before you get a down.

-Don’t over commit. If you used an entire armor allotment and the team is still fully healthed, retreat to fight another day.

-Pop off some abilities from a safe distance, if some damages sticks take advantage and finish off that target quick.

-Always smack Lennox with some DOT or maintain distance so she cant get that x4 damage.

-If Hank is there, kill him first.

-If Cabot is there, kill the Assault first.

-If Laz is there, kill the assault first, then baby sit the body until it rots or you get a chance to eat it.

-When baby sitting a dead body from Laz spam melee on the dead body.
If you must retreat use knock back abilities on the dead body from a dist until it rots to prevent a revivify and this many times kills Laz or heavily damages him.

-Don’t always finish off every dead hunter. If the rest of the team is far away let the hunter bleed out slowly, no sense starting the respawn timer early.

-Run away from your team when you find the monster and let them all die, then you can level up respawn beacon.


I love it when I am sneaking as a monster and find a headless bucket all alone.


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Use your class ability
If you are Laz use the device (I let a Laz player revive someone and they didn’t use the device)
If one of your teammates found the Monster, follow that teammate!
Don’t grind masteries like Emet’s respawn beacon.
When Daisy is on the team, FOLLOW HER!!!

If Laz is on the team and you are Meteor Goliath, find him, and beat him to death. If he cloaks, follow the moving fire. This also works for Supports who cloak.


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