Some questions from a returning player

So it has been awhile since I have played Evolve. I just started within the last week, and I just don’t know what is good anymore. last time I played a lot was when Jack came out I played ever single night for a month or so but than school got beyond busy and I just stopped. I just don’t know where to start to ask like what perk is good now? it used to be reload speed is that still the go to. does it still make things like the dome come back faster? Also it used to be you could plant 5 things like griffin sound spikes now it is only 3. Why was this change added? and also would you say Griffin is still good with only 3 sound spikes? he is my favorite hunter, and I have been doing okay with him, but I also haven’t played that many good monsters. Also is Kraken still the top monster? Thanks for any help you guys can give! It has just been awhile.

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There is a update coming on the 27 as well as a new character, and there will be a lot of stuff changing. Might want to hold off on these questions until we see how the game and balance changes after it takes effect. Stuff that applys now, may not apply in a couple days.

On a separate note, love the profile pic.

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Pretty much what SQUARENecron said. Here are the patest patch notes just to let you know what last happened.

Here are the patch 6.1.1 notes which was the patch before that. This one has a lot of the changes you have noticed.

I’d definitely recommend giving both of these a read.

Also, welcone back scooby. It’s good to see you again. :slightly_smiling:

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Omg, someone agreed with something I’ve said on the forums. I don’t want the world to end before kala :frowning:

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On small maps griffin is good.

Best trapper right now is Wasteland Maggie because they overtuned her damage.

Thanks forgot about these! and wow it has been awhile you are a leader now Jedi that is crazy also good for you! and someday soon we need to play evolve again I need to get some people I can play with. A lot of the people I used to play with don’t play Evolve anymore.

@SQUARENecron Yeah I did know of the character I guess I should have just waited. I have just been feeling lost in this game is all. I have over 600 hours and coming back I feel like a new player almost with how much seems to have changed.


Abe does more damage. Just saying.

NP, I didn’t know if you knew. So I didn’t want to pump you full of info to just have you be confused again in a few days hahah.

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Welcome back BAscooby! Long time no see! :smiley:

The deployables were changed from five to three to make it a less frustrating experience for the monster. Escpecially with the introduction of Emet. In an Emet, Bucket, Maggie, Markov comp, a monster would have had to fight 20 deployables, so before his release they changed it.

Kraken is the weakest at the moment if you look at telemetry, but in the right hands, he’s arguably still the strongest monster. Reload perk does not make the dome come back faster.

But yeah, a lot of things will be changing soon. :slightly_smiling:

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I would go Abe over Griffin for tryharding, but for casuals Griffin is fine.

I’ve only been a leader for 10 days so I’m still learning. Me and ToiletWraith were invited to join the team. :smile:

We’ll definitely have to play again at some point. I’ll let you know when I’m next on evolve.

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I have been seeing a lot of Wasteland Maggie maybe I should try her out. I have just been playing griffin and jack. I will try and save griffin for small maps.

@SQUARENecron Yeah I sometimes hear news I follow evolve on facebook and twitter. I also may not be a regular anymore on the forums, but I still read things on here from time to time.

WM does a ton of damage now, but they will probably nerf so get your games in.

haha oh so this is new! well glad to see you as a leader! Hey man I am playing right now and on the forums :smile: but I will try to keep you informed on when I get on. I am trying to make evolve a daily thing again either before class or after!

@Bot great to see you again Bot love that the pic is still the same! and okay the deployables thing I can understand. I just wanted to know was all. I forgot about Emet I never see anyone take him I don’t think I have played with him on my team yet. and Kraken is the weakest now :scream: that is almost hard to imagine with how many back in the day kicked my butt.


I’m expecting a nerf to the activation speed of her harpoon more so than a nerf to her damage. I don’t think she needs either because of only having one harpoon for her only cc, and damage wise she isn’t beating Abe.

Where’s the telemetry?

Mine is personal experiance. I’m a great maggs and a shite Abe, but I’ll do more damage almost always with Abe, despite him being one of my worst trappers.

Do you have telemetry proving otherwise? I think its too early for telemetry charts to be out for maggs isn’t it?

This is where the average forum opinion is at right now:


Forgot about that thread. Its a great way of catching up to date w/o reading patch notes :slight_smile:

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Nope, doesn’t affect class abilities.

All deployables were changed to three because Emet, and yes, he is.

Kind of, but they are all mostly pretty balanced.

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