Some questions for stage 2


So I’m so glad evolve is doing amazing again. This game is beautiful and deserve this type of love. But I have a few questions/concerns.

  1. Will the rest of old maps be returning? If so, when? If not, why? Will there be completely new maps?

  2. I personally feel like griffin needs a buff. At least for his gun. The harpoon reload is too slow for how quickly the monster breaks it. And only three sound spikes doesn’t really get the job done.

  3. Well there be new tutorial videos? I feel like with the sudden increase in new players there needs to be short “how to play this character.”

  4. What happened to evacuation and the other game modes? Will they be returning?

  5. Will extreme weather be added back to the game? Rain and stuff?

  6. What’s more likely? Evolve 2 or just lots more content for stage 2? Both?

Well I’m sure I have more questions but I want to get back to hunting!



1: Maps are hopefully still being made in the process just being re-balanced
2: Reload Speed could help, and the spikes are actually perfect if you line them up across the map, helps by knowing where to search for the monster
3: Not the we or anyone else knows of
4: Evac was unbalanced, Nest was Hunter favored and Rescue was Monster favored
5: Probably not
6: Lots more content for Stage 2

Hope this clarifies things


Thanks a bunch!