Some questions about the new skins


I’ve been looking around the forums, and hearing talk about some of the new skins being exclusive after 30 days or something. I’ve been trying to look around and find out, but found nothing.

So I might as well just ask. Will the 4 monster race skins (Jade Behemoth and Cosmic monsters.) be exclusive after a set amount of days pass or will they always be available in the store? Will the Savage skins and new hunter skins stay on the store too? Just want to make sure, because I’d hate to lose the chance to get these skins later.


All of those exclusive skins will be available in store in 30 days.


Are they supposed to be in the store now though? I’m on the PS4 and I can see them in the store.


Yes, theyre only exclusive to PC, Xbone and PS4 get them before the nonPCMR buyers get it


Oh alright then, thanks.


Pleasure to be of assistance :smile:


The Monster race skins are only exclusive on PC, every other platform can have them now. XD
Kinda screwed the PC people with the wording on that one they did.