Some polls on WasteLand Maggie


#Is she vaible in high level/competitive?

  • Yes
  • No

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#Wasteland Maggie is…

  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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#Best assault with WasteLand Maggie?

  • Markov
  • Blitz Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox

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#Best medic with WasteLand Maggie

  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet

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#Bet support with WasteLand Maggie

  • Hank
  • Tech Sargent Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny

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#Best perk with WasteLand Maggie

  • Damage Increase
  • Damage reduction
  • Jump Hight
  • JetPack Recharge
  • Capacity
  • Reload
  • Quick Switch
  • Movement Speed

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To be entirely honest, I voted with hopes of maximizing damage. So that would mean combining Rogue Val with Wasteland Maggie to have that poison/burning combo on the monster at all times, boosting the damage up with Cabot, while Torvald helps to limit the movement of the monster. Standing in those mortars is still a terrible decision and as such it can help a little with the decreased CC that Maggie has with just one trap.

And while Rogue Val might be a poor choice for healing, I’m assuming that people know how to dodge and manage their jetpack. At that point her passive heal should be enough, especially with the medgun occasionally chipping in.

As for the perk… I opted for Quick Switch. A quick thinking trapper won’t need movement speed or jetpack perks. Reload Speed seems kinda futile on her, since she only has one trap and her gun’s way of firing feels like it’s in a decent place for me at the moment. Suppose you could replace it with Damage Redux to make things a little easier for Rogue Val, but I find Quick Switch allows you to place that harpoon and fire your gun in great succession =)


Discourse pls.

WM has the worst CC of all the Trappers while RV needs all the defense she can get to properly play her “Either kill me quickly or fail repeatedly” minigame.
I would not combine RV and Cabot together, let alone with a Trapper who not only doesn’t have full control over the timing of her CC, but also uses this watered down version that can only have 1 active at the time.

Daisy’s flamethrower and the burn effect on the Harpoon Traps are nice touches but they don’t turn a team into a damage-based comp that can play effectively enough to excuse a poor Medic choice.


I actually dont find her CC to be bad at all. She can throw the harpoon traps out about 15-20 meters, and the harpoon itself will snag a monster up to 30 meters away. Its amazingly practical to throw the harpoon behind the monster, and have it snag the monster in the butt- Almost like a griffin. But unlike griffin this harpoon wont miss or fail because of lag/latency. And unless I’ve timed it wrong, it even has a faster 3 second activation time in place of 4.

It actually feels pretty powerful in my experiences. Ill hold my full judgement for later as I observe more of course, but she seems to have the capacity to be pretty potent and effective across all bases IMO :slight_smile:


I won’t vote about competitive, too early and I’m not competitive.

However I think she’s extremely balanced. She is a little less likely to frustrate a monster with CC but her damage potential is good and the single harpoon trap I personally find to be more tactically useful in a game.

As for who she goes with… I think the main thing is that with Daisy being weaker it pays to have someone that can keep people from being incapped, or can resolve that incap situation well. Val is probably the best (though she usually is), I’d say Laz has a strong case to make given how much he tends to make the monster stay visible, and if the rest of your team is a high agro composition then this could work well with wasteland maggie in the mix.

But I, I think like a lot of people, went with her being best paired up with people that can punish the monster so Hyde, Rogue Val and Cabot


I haven’t played her that much either, but she’s pretty balanced for the most part. If Daisy’s ai is gonna get updated to actually fight, then I think she could use a slight health buff. Not a lot though, just alenough to take a couple of hits. Firing the Burst Pistol gets very tiresome for me. Gives my index finger cramps. I find her Flame Share very good also. The original traps and the Flame Snare both have their uses.


I feel like the Cabot/RV/Torvald/Waste Maggie is a glass cannon comp that REALLY depends on planning Maggie placement with Cabot sneaking in a stealth pop to help her get out of getting focused. With constantly laying down traps to ensure Torvald and Cabot getting the amp/mortars off with the trap DoT.

Keeping those traps planted and cycling when you have those couple second windows is going to be critical to keep a monster just planted within a set area. So if the monster is trying to focus they better make damn sure they’re staying out of the trap radius or breaking line of sight of trap tracking. If medic was slim pre nerfs we’d see a monster melting indefinitely.


48% Torvald, ahhh yeah.


I gotta say, having only one harpoon is a real downer. It gets destroyed super easily and doesn’t do much damage. Also, it would be nice if I could hold the trigger of her gun and just have a really slow RoF as opposed to constantly tapping the trigger.

This is a little unrelated, but to me burst fire is more of a pulse thing as opposed to one shot. I don’t know a ton about guns. So, I may be wrong.


From having fired a burst fire rifle before, and from just about every other FPS I have played, burst fire usually means firing multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger. You still need to pull the trigger again.


Right and her gun doesn’t do that. I pull the trigger and one shot is fired.


Two bullets are fired, actually.


Really? Like, the gun bucks twice because it feels like only one shot is fired. It wasn’t what I was expecting from a “burst fire” gun.


It’s strange. The gun still uses the Machine Pistol animations so that might be the problem.


Maybe that’s it. Take Torvald’s shotgun. Multiple rounds are fired in succession with one trigger tap. I can see and feel them fired. Not so with Maggie’s gun.


Three round bursts are the average, but not what Maggie does.


I made a bug report about it. We’ll see what’s going on soon hopefully.


yea, just because something seems normal doesnt mean they cant veer from it. like blitzkov’s intervals are 1.5 between stages, however it has 2 secs of stage 4 damage.


I personally feel like wasteland Daisy is more of a liability than a benefit for the hunter team. I played many matches as monster (in skirmish) against wasteland Maggie and every match Daisy would dart ahead of her team and attack me. This allowed multiple strikes on the poor girl which made her even easier to kill. After switching back to hunter side, I personally feel the duo does best with Val/EMET/Slim (gasp!) and Hank/TSHank. Sunny could also work but again, Daisy is such an easy kill that being able to directly shield Daisy is better.


No option for health regen? That’s my go to perk because not only does it help Maggie, but pub medics never heal Daisy.