Some polls on Kala's Kit


#Do you think Kala’s Teleport Pads are balanced?

  • They are OP
  • They are slightly OP
  • They are balanced
  • They are slightly UP
  • They are UP

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#If you could change one thing about the teleport pads what would it be?

  • I would change the set up time of the teleport pads.
  • I would change the cool down after using a teleport.
  • I would change the size of the rift.
  • I wouldn’t change it it’s fine how it is.
  • You didn’t add an option which I had in mind. (Share them down below please)

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#Is Kalas Armour-Reducer Balanced?

  • It is OP
  • It is slightly OP just need some slight nerfs
  • The Armour-Reducer is balanced
  • It is slightly UP
  • It is UP

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#If you could change one thing about the reducer what would it be?

  • I would change the beam and make more flexible to use sort like the repulser.
  • I Would try and make the beam harder to use.
  • I would increase the DOT damage it causes.
  • I would change the duration of the reducer.
  • I Would leave it as it is.
  • You didn’t add an option which I had in mind.( please share your idea below.)

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#Are The Siren Missles Balanced?

  • They are OP
  • They are slightly OP
  • They are balanced
  • they are slightly UP
  • They are UP.

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#If you could change one thing about the siren missles what would it be?

  • I would change the damage of the red siren missles.
  • I would change the damage of the blue siren missles.
  • I would change the movement speed of the missles.
  • I would change the time they set up.
  • i would leave it as it is
  • you didn’t add an option which I had in mind( please share them below.)

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About teleport pads: i don’t think they could be op/up in something of decisive… i’d like a quality of life change like you can’t enter in the rifts while running backwards or at least press a button to use the rift, it happens to me so many time that i enter by accident in the rift during combat ruining my team game…


That’s just poor team communication/placement IMO. I would hate not being able to teleport away because I wasn’t looking right at it.


Well… what if i tell you that i was playing kala, and while i run around the dome, on my way to dodge a rock throw, i got into my teleport and so out of the dome kilometers away and left my team dying by accident xD?


The only thing I really dislike about Kala are her simple Siren Missiles.

A good Kala can aim them so that they’ll always turn into “mines” right before they hit the Monster and this adds up to an insane amount of damage.

I’m not saying this makes her OP, but it does feel a little over the top compared to the other “offensive” Supports.
(inb4 someone corrects me by saying they don’t consider Kala offensive)

Try her a few times in Arena without ever touching the Armor Reducer. The damage of those Siren Missiles alone is almost enough to make her a completely viable character when using only these.


I’d increase the health of the pads a bit. Not much, just a slight bit.


I wouldn’t change anything much about her right now aside from maybe making her less polarizing.
Kala is the Laz of the supports, she needs a QOL change I can’t really think of any right now. @insane_521 got any QOL in mind for her?

Reducing the damage of the red missiles and increasing the blue missiles is something I’d like to see. Because lower tiers doesn’t do much damage while higher tiers players can do insane damage.


Like from 25 to 35? That wouldnt change anything. Imo, their health in the current build would be optimal with 170.

Also the return-delay of the pads needs to carry over if one pad is redeployed. If the delay is 15 seconds it should not be shortened to 5.

About the amor reducer, I think the most needed change is a tiny delay before the amor regenerates after the beam has been broken. It sometimes just breaks for no reason (lag probably).

The most fitting and unique buff would be imo that it not only ignores armor, but also limb damage.

Increasing damage wouldnt be the best option, it would just turn into a weaker lightning gun without armor and be too strong with armor. Crows rifle needs some aiming and charging time and only allows himself to bypass the armor, so it should be higher DPS than Kala. With 120 per shot and a frequency of maybe 1.5 seconds, it already is in a good spot compared to the AR.

The red mines are too strong and enable Kala a DPS of Parnells shotgun if used correctly without hitting limbs, while the blue missiles are somewhat weak against Kraken in the air.


That would be too crazy and unnecessary as assaults main damage weapons ignore limb damage, aside from Parnell of course. But I do like the idea of a slight longer delay before the armor recharges back up.


Higher health on Teleports . 180 would be optimal

Decrease the damage for her Sirens by 25% approx.


I’ve discussed Kala’s kit before and I’ve concluded that she is completely balanced and all of her kit is balanced too. TRS did great with this one


well why did you put the tele down kolometers away? (assumeing that because you domed him that he is a lower stage)


Only thing I’d change is make the armor reducer more flexible. Beyond that I find that Kala is a very balanced character that has enough strengths and weaknesses to be well rounded. Her teleport pads can bring a lot to the table in terms of life saving, while her armor reducer can help force an armored monster off a medic or trapper.

She’s a risky hunter however, but the risk can pay off big time as the match gets closer to the end.


Then it sounds like you weren’t paying attention to your own teleporters.


I think she’s fine apart from her armour reducer; I think it needs a damage cap like Cabot’s amp. Currently you can melt a stage 1 Behemoth to about half hp after about 2 armour reducer attacks. I think having a 1 hp bar capacity will be better


Even unbreakable teleports wouldnt be OP so go for it.


I think they would. You could just camp near a teleporter as for example Lazarus, and there would be almost no chance to catch him as he would just kite around the next teleporter until it was ready again.
The counterplay you have against that is destroying every teleporter that a Hunter gets near to fast.
However, right now they get destroyed too fast. Especially against Flame Breath or Krakens ranged attacks.
Which is why I think 170 health would be perfect. (Kraken’s Snowballs will deal 150 damage in 8.1, 170 does not put too much incentive into picking the damage perk, as 165 damage is not enough to one shot them either).


I personally don’t think Kala is either OP nor UP, I believe she suffers from a problem similar to Laz and Kraken. In that they have usability issues especially dependent on a teams capability to dodge attacks and manage jetpack/positioning well.

That and also everyone being too reliant on OP defense comps.

The thing I’d change about Kala is to make her more focus on the Armor Reducer and less about the teleport pads. I feel if we shifted to that more it may close up the skill gap a tiny bit.

Damage wise, I think she’s a decent damage dealer. She’s probably on the same level as the other supports but her lack of defense leaves her feeling weak.
What I would want to do with the Siren Missiles is slightly increase the damage of the blue missiles and slightly reduce the red ones, as lower skilled players have little to no idea on how to use them also because monsters like Elder Kardashian, Miley and Bobbie are great hard counters because they absolutely nullify the red missiles.


That and also everyone isn’t used to the teleporters. It’s something that you have played without for 11 months. It certainly takes time to automatically memorize where your Kala-teammate placed them and actively use them. Though the first impression of her is UP for most people, which is why they arent getting used to her.

I personally had some very good games with her, when my medic and me actually used them to get out of a dome when low on HP and heal through Buoys, a healing drone, RV’s passive or simply the HR perk.

She is definetly not the weakest support, but of course not the strongest.

For the siren missiles, you are absolutely right about that, the red and blue ones need to be much closer together, 50% maximum damage difference. Some more fine tuning in their speed, fire rate, health and lifetime wouldnt hurt either, as spamming them gives you only a 50 meter or so range, which took myself some time to figure out.

The teleporters, if used correctly, are very good at keeping Support, Medic or even Assault alive, though not the Trapper, which is why, once again you are right, the Amor Reducer needs to be more of her focus, so that a fair amount of health damage can be done before the dome drops.
If not adding a new mechanic, like removing the 0.5 limb modifier, more direct damage, faster armor drain and a slight delay before armor regenerates after the beam broke seem like appropriate buffs to me.

Though as stated above, the pads pop too easy IMO, which is why I think 170 health would be perfect.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again since it has been a while: One thing that makes her unfair in certain (very rare) scenarios, is that placing a new teleport pad enables her to teleport back and forth in 5 seconds instead of 15. I don’t think that should be possible and it should always be the same amount of time.


I think giving the pads more health might help her out a bit.

From my personal experience from playing her, I think that is fairly balanced but she is a very swingy character to play. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking on the blade’s edge because how the game turns out can really be determent by the smallest of things.

A quality of life is what I would like to see most from Kala, as playing her without friends/team is way too hard too pull off and requires too much coordination. I feel like if we could find a nice balance for lower/mid ranked players we could make her fit better with the rest.

Yeah this is true, I think they should give it a hard cap of 10 seconds or a nice inbetween. Replaced with or coming back from the same pad.