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Wanted to advertise a few pieces of writing a friend and I are posting. There isn’t much in there because we wanted to have a “One post per day” type of thing and we started it recently. Feel free to give feedback on the pieces; we’d appreciate any forms of criticism, but don’t just put, “This sucks!” or “You suck!” because it’s just taking up space.


Ethereal Dream

The pain I’ve endured, the life I’ve lived has all been buried under the embers of my recent ashes. I wake again, with a new fire burning in me, as if I’m a phoenix. It’s fascinating how the person I once was isn’t the person I am now. I’ve changed, evolved like the environment and the animals in it. I’ve grown to be polluted by the filth of this world, yet there’s still a drop of purity that moves through a cycle, deep within my veins, pumping this soon-to-be-dead, aching heart.

All my life, I’ve asked nothing more than for just a little bit of friendship, a little bit of love, and a lot of independence. I grew up, craving to be a lone wolf, but I was clueless and had no guidance. I was taught to stick to my pack, but I saw the others around me, they had scars and they had bruises, which proved their survival on this sad and crude soil. They were trained to spread their wings and fly off, above the clouds, dive into the stars, glide through the colorful nebulae; crimson, violet, indigo, with maybe a tint of green. I wanted to soar and so that was my goal, a goal that would only cause trouble if I attempted to reach it. Some may say the sky’s the limit, but I wanted to shatter the sky and venture on beyond what can be seen through any pair of eyes.

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You’re work is very nice, very poetic it seems too :slight_smile:


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The King Returns

Walking several meters ahead,
I see nothing but blood and corpses around these halls;
Some belonging to that of knights and others coming from men dressed in cloaks oh so ragged.

Continuing to walk through these halls, I soon see more men dressed in similar clothing.
I couldn’t see their faces, but I can sense the shock amongst them.
I suppose the revelation of their king returning has led them to just marvel at their efforts.

They soon bowed towards me and then stood to raise their hoods.
The follower that guided me finally spoke to me and said, “Welcome back, my king; we are here to guarantee your rights to the throne.”

(The first one is a bit better than this one, I’m not used to writing in this form.)
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Remember the candy shops?
You would take me on your back.
Out in the heat, we’d walk.
It’s the only time we spent.

When all of the homes were sand.
We’d kick our feet, make a storm.

Now where do I go to share?
All these memories, no one would care to hear.
I wish I could reminisce with someone…
Specifically you.

Remember the sky blue walls?
We had beautiful coconut trees.
One day a coconut fell, you bawled.
A cool shade, a nice slumber.

When the breeze gave chills,
We’d cuddle, like bear cubs.

Now where do I go to share?
All these memories, no one would care to hear.
I wish I could reminisce with someone…
Specifically you.

After you left, mom said you became a star.
In the sky, I saw you were the most bright.
Now the stars don’t appear anymore.
The sky is always dull without a single light.

Days pass by at the speed of light.
I sit alone, put on a record of MJ,
That’s who you admired.
I’ll always think of you,
Letting these tears slip by silently.



I let google to randomply generate something poetic

Gloom , darken , the night is coming .
From the mountains , the forest and weeping , wailing … !
Remorse is unknown souls you catch .
… Fill hope it was not a force -
fit , fit in a hurry living …
Clouds are low , so are flying , fast … !
Sues despairing action fruitless
Someone stingy and the wide world ,
He believed that waited getting old, getting older …
Gloom , darken . Top and bottom
Ravens Row hurriedly into the night …
someone stingy assistance calls ,
throws us into shape memories sinfully …
Gloom , let’s … Night together anymore

I can not decide if Yuluneas did better or not.