Some people still complaing about Wraith

I remember this one time right after the patch, my premade was PUG stomping and the player pick Wraith ( SHOCK SHOCK ). Ran until Stage 2 then engaged. Popped Supernova/Decoy in the dome and we punished with a vengeance. After about 2 of those combos the Wraith ran around the map, us hot on her trail, all she was doing was spamming and running, you could tell the circles she ran were OMG WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING. We finally pinned her down and wrecked it but the player rage quit out. We all died laughing.

She got a minor nerf to warping, mostly just a fix to prevent the nonsense of warping out of Domes.

Post-nerf Wraith isn’t slow by any means, and still probably holds the title of hardest Monster to catch.

She still has far too much ability to evade in Domes with Decoy, and Skywraith needs to be fixed by limiting her upward mobility.

Fixing the former would probably require a partial rework with nerfs and buffs, but it would tone down her ability to guarantee Stage 3 and her having too much leeway setting up ambushes at Stage 2 due to the difficulty of killing her if she doesn’t want to fight.

To be fair though, aside from the invisibility those problems aren’t exclusive to her.

Monsters generally should have less control of the flow of the game, and less ability to negate damage when they do not want to fight.

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Sounds like you were being an arse the Wraith isn’t op. So, sorry if you lost to a Stage 1 Wraith that easily your team wasn’t very good. Wraith is probably the least played monster now and at Stage 1 it dies in like 1 minute if you’re not careful. THe assaults and supports you were playing with and against must have been pretty bad.

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It’s cute when people brag about owning in public games…

Yes I find her stronger than before. - main Wraith player

The point of your post being?

Wraith now is terribly weak and that’s coming from a anti wraith guy.

Kraken right now is the best,wraith is only half good against bad teams

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Wraith isn’t op. Nova is.

It can simultaneously throw a 360° melee that could take hunters out in 9 different parallel dimensions art the same time. That’s a bit much. Especially when it insta-breaks all but the luckiest Griffin harpoon shot.

Not only is it an omnipotent skill, she’s allowed to traversal in the process. No other ability allowed that. With that being the case, there’s no skill in its usage. Just spam it.

My honest suggestion is to make it focused, not a wide arching melee. That would give a greater emphasis on her elusive and stealthy nature. It would still be viable in combat, but you’d have more focus on abduction, singling out hunters outside of a dome, and nova to slaughter them. Then traversing away from the scene. With warp blast then being her only real AoE ability, I think it would be used more of a disruptive maneuver than an actual combative attack.

They need to turn the decoys half second reveal into a quarter second though. They’ve made it horribly impotent now.

That it’s cute when people brag about slaughtering and dominating against random monsters with their whole-heartedly dedicated team, most of which don’t even rank in the top 500-1000, as if it’s a hell of an achievement.

Or even more adorable, the dedicated monster players that brat about slaughtering “randoms” who either don’t have a team to coordinate with, or have the balls to venture outside of their team to see if they can pull off a miracle win.

A random team winning against a good monster its worth bragging about. Someone like me (who doesn’t even rank top 1k) beating a coordinated team like yours is worth bragging about.

Stomping random unranked characters (“pub-stomping” I think is the ridiculous term people have coined), bragging about that seems rather pathetic.

“Congratulations! You accomplished… Exactly what is supposed to be accomplished in this game?!?”

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Is Wraith broken ? Well in my opinion… Yes.

There are 2 problems with her.

  1. Very frustrating to play against. Still running around the map for about half an hour till Hunters surrender chasing her, and wait for stage 3 at Relay. Or Hunters quit the game even before stage 3.

  2. Evasive as fock.
    If you capture her in dome , it is pure evasion ( I know it is a tactic … But so frustrating ) .
    Even when Goliath is running circles in dome it is MUCH more less frustrating, cause he is larger and you can land shots much more esier.

But thats just my opinion

I get it, you’re mad PS4 doesn’t have many tournaments so you can’t stomp yourself. In our PUB-stomping adventures we have played and beaten 3 of the top 10 monster players on Xbox.

Oh and we also have played (and beaten) one of the best Wraith players on Xbox in a tournament (pre nerf) proof below.

BTW @Skrewyluie is this you? If so good matches

So please, put up or shut up. ( or you can call me adorable again, compliments will get you everywhere :wink: )


Was a good game, enjoyed fighting you guys.

Wraith is still incredibly powerful, and capable of traversing nearly as far/fast in the right hands as it could before the nerf. I’ve spent multiple pugs where hunters fail to dome wraiths all the way to stage 3. And as the video I posted shows… some people don’t stop there…

There are people giving wraith a bad name, and it’s a very skill based monster. Those that have mastered it really can perform at a much greater capability than a PUG. And it still has a tremendous amount of greifing capability.

I wouldn’t mind wraith so much if it’s abilities gave me a better idea of the aoe on them. Warp Blast I can double jet pack away one time and escape and then the next time I’ll be downed and it looks like I’m the same distance away. Same with abduct sometimes i’ll take a step away and the wraith is 6 feet over my head the other times I take a step back start falling down the opposite side of the cliff and next thing I know wraith has me 50 m away from the rest of my team.

Lightning strike I know the aoe same with after shock and warp blast. Same with fissure and lava bomb and rock throw and leap smash and charge and just about every other ability except for those two I can judge how much I need to jet pack dodge.

because wraith will blow up against bucket hyde or cabot.

The first one, the one on Dam, our support was running away to escape, right into a plant!f

As a Wraith player I usually get my armour up and the nearest buff I can find… And start fighting. Get one or two strikes in without losing health, run and then repeat =) Should the hunters be too strong to kill at stage 1, I’ll take off for a while to stage up and then try again.

Usually my stage 1 or 2 finishes the game though.

I remember that, I felt dirty for getting a win by environment. Second round you guys had me good, my team was so mad with me for wanting to fight more than I should have been wanting to “Win”.

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Yeah and props to not spamming that Supernova/Decoy crap. If the tweaks had come before that Tourney we might have been in the shit lol. Our Support was like 2 days fresh and she was doing us a huge favor filling in and she stepped up the next one. We couldn’t even tell our monster how we lost that round until later lol

Anyone noticed how Sentry turrets may negate Decoy ?
What I mean is, if the Wraith appears (even briefly) while cloaked, and is at turrets range, they will shoot at her and prevents her from cloaking again.

Best part is that …well, it’s automatical, you know. You just need to “ignite” her.

By the way…
+1 on the fact latency affects Wraith’s warp blast… T.T