Some people still complaing about Wraith

I main Wraith. I’ve been playing Wraith on the Ps4 and there are still people who send me PM saying how Wraith is op, even though it was nerfed.

What do you guys think?

I don’t think she is broken anymore…however, I disagree with the typical playstyle the hunters are seeing for her the most…which is mainly the runaway Wraith that you only can nail down at the generator for a stage 3 showdown with a 20+ minute match. I don’t have issues with Wraiths that actually fight prior to stage 3.


I always take the fight to the hunter when I reach stage 2. I Evolve to stage 2 around 2:30min to 4:00min and end the game around 7 min on average. Usually ending the game at stage 2 and people still complain.


They just don’t like loosing. I’ve done it at S1 vs really poorly coordinated teams. Never gotten flak for it though. I only go Wraith after I’ve crushed with Goliath. Might also be because I’m on PC.

Wraith is a little weak right now. Plus she suffers the most from latency. Was just in matches fighting @MaddCow’s team. They’re all American, and I was getting ridiculous latency. It completely neautered Warp Blast- it’d keep me hanging in the air for ages and then not do damage sometimes.

Don’t even get me started on Abduct.


I mean as much as you want to blame a monster for using very avoidant tactics which might not be the most engaging for hunters… This really is a competition… So it really is the hunters fault for not being able to catch a neutered wraith at this point… Especially with the advent of Sunny

As a player who is confident as trapper I can tell you that while a wraith is hard to pin down… She is just as easy to dome as a kraken or Goliath when done right


People she’s a ace stage one fighter now no need to be whimp anymore try it out wb and or abd its evil

That is true, but her speed is still considerable. I remember doming a stage 1 wraith 3 times and only getting a bar or two or armor off. I guess I can blame bad dome locations but she is very speedy and it’s difficult for the hunters to keep up when she goes from one side to the other. Most games I get wins off wraiths is stage 3 at the generator…and I have sat several matches out just waiting for her there instead of running in the wild. If the monster player is a total runner, even after getting a stage 2 evolve and with full armor, having been domed and still not fighting, I don’t bother and just wait at the generator. It helps end the match much quicker and usually in a win since you don’t have to tangle with wildlife while slowing the Wraith’s feeding down. Just my experience. I play with decent players that all know what they are doing. Sure you have one or two great matches where everything clicks into place and you melt the wraith quickly but a very experienced, good wraith is not gonna get nailed down in a dome. She is weakest at the generator and the easiest to take out there, so I find that a viable strategy is just to wait the game out there when you know the monster’s playstyle.


Yeah its why I go full attack mode s1 make it fun plus element of surprise as most think as wraith you will run
Not THIS wraith nom


When a pug sees someone picked wraith



It’s in the wraith’s best interest to engage at stage 2- you can pick the location (wraith is bad at relays), you have high maneuverability before stage 3, and you can get some early strikes to weaken the hunters for the endgame. Sure, running until stage 3 is a pubstomper, but it’s still pretty lame.


You’re playing bad teams.

Its funny when people say wraith is nerfed she was never nerfed just them whimp wraith players that spammed decoy supernova wouldnt win with wraith now, if you play wraith how its suppose to be played chances of winning are much higher even against good teams i end it stage 2 maybe 4mins into the game, warp blast is better than rock throw, the fact you can use it after decoying and surprise them is even better.

But wraith isnt OP my team beats plenty of elite wraiths

Probably like 90% of those elite wraiths were the ones that just spammed her Novacoy combo before the Nerfs. lol. She definitely requires more skill to play than before, especially with Sunny being the hardest counter to the most common Wraith play style. She’s not impossible to win with or lose with. It just takes practice, patience, and skill on both sides for the win. I’ve had games where I engaged from S1 to S3 with wraith and won with maybe a third of my health lopped off by the end of the fight. I’ve also had games where we ran down a S1 repeatedly to the point that they weren’t even trying to eat, they were just running and we just kept popping domes on her head till she fell. Against a good team the Wraith Sprint backfires tremendously as they (we) will dome you on the evolution and it’s pretty much GG right there.

I think her attack damage is a bit overpowered. Like it should be reduced by about 5% and I think it’ll even out the playing field. She’s OP enough where I got in this game with this guy that was cocky with the Wraith as I am for the Goliath (I admit it I do get cocky lol) and he killed us shortly after we landed. He had Wraith elited and everything (no surprise) and after that match I was telling him unimpressed I was. So I told him it’s very easy to win as Wraith even at stage 1. He challenged me to do it and after the match I lost but I got all of their health below 25% and I’m not even past the first mastery challenges and I never play Wraith or Kraken since they aren’t my type of beast. It was hilarious how he was all proud of himself when I showed how easy it is to kill an experienced team as a nooby Wraith haha xD

well she is kinda broken.

the warp blast radius is way higher then it should be even with 2 dodges ure still getting hit

I actually feel she was a bit overnerfed. I have no problems with people picking Wraith unless there’s a community challenge going on that features another monster, of course.

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She’s weak right now, but she’s fine being like this. Makes her fun to play, being one of the weakest monsters.

Some people are dumb, that is what it boils down to. Maybe some of them don’t even know she was nerfed, maybe they are just scarred for life having been beaten by her so bad, maybe they’re just assholes. Honestly I kind of get a sick thrill when people send me hate mail in a game, kinda flattering that my playing totally got under their skin even though I wasn’t trying to, it angers them to the point that they would stop, highlight my name in-game and peck out an angry message on a controller.

Don’t let it get to you, just laugh it off. If they persist, block them. I mean its kinda cute when you think about it.