Some PC gamers don't deserve anything more than COD rehashes


The dev’s increase the player count from 100 to over 45K players. They overhaul the entire game to bring in new blood and smooth out the more tedious parts of the game. And what do you get? Players who’ve enjoyed the game for 100s of hours before the update give the game a negative review on steam because they wanna whine about evacuation and founder perks, instead of waiting to see what TRS, a studio that obviously gives a shit about its players, has in store for the future. Pathetic, cutting off your own nose to spite others.

Just a little while ago we’d kill for more popularity for this amazing game. Now when it comes, those same players try to burn it down instead of showing some patience after such a massive change.


Your title is inappropriate and offensive towards PC Gamers, specially when you’re generalizing.

Only a small percentage of retail players are complaining, most of us are happy Evolve is back with a great potencial to back it up.


The fact is that most of your reviews aren’t showing up in the ones listed as “most helpful” on steam. I’m looking forward to playing Evolve on console again since there’s no equivalent for bandwagon steam reviews there.


You can’t tell founders from other players on steam reviews, most are immature kids that aren’t even founders, others are misinformed users who actually don’t care about Evolve.


Where did all these Evac people come from? Nobody plays it anymore. Lol. I haven’t been able to find an Evac in months.


I couldn’t find an evac match like a month after release =/


After your title. You’ve lost my respect and I don’t care about what you say in your post.

You’re rude, insulting, generalizing, and overall just being a jerk. I don’t care what you even have to say after that. This kind of post isn’t even allowed on the forums because it doesn’t invoke discussion nor is it constructive criticism.


I slightly adjusted your subject so that you’re not lumping all PC players into the group as the naysayers.


That doesn’t make his ignorance and flat out rudeness better.


His post is from the POV of a console player obviously frustrated with how people who have access to the game are making snap judgments after one or two days of play. I, as a PC player, didn’t take offense. But I felt the subject was too general.